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Nov 12, 2009

Well I finally got a job and started working on Monday.  I'm working at the MaineCare (Medicaid) office setting up providers on the new billing system.  I like it so far, so that's good.  However, they always have food!  Today was Donut Thursday and also a cake for someone who was leaving.  I did suggest we do some more healthy things mixed with the "bad" stuff too.  Maybe I'll bring in cheese and whole wheat crackers next week or something similar.  One good thing is that I'm doing much better getting my fluid in and also my vitamins, easier to do it at work I guess.  Planning my lunches and snacks is a chore though, when I was home I could just do whatever I felt like, now I have to pack and plan.  So I try to give myself a few different snack options and always pack a protein bar in case my lunch doesn't agree with me for some reason. 

I also got to go shopping!  I had nothing that fit other than jeans, workout clothes and pj pants.  Luckily Kohl's was having a great sale on Wednesday, so I picked up a few things.  One pair of pants is even a size 8 - and I wore them today!  That was super exciting - for me anyway. 

We went to the family wedding in NJ this past weekend.  We spent most of Friday in NYC and walked our butts off.  It was fun other than the fact that it was the day of the Yankees victory parade.  The wedding went well and people were really surprised to see how much weight I'd lost.  Some spoke to me directly and others just talked about me - LOL.  Gotta love inlaws (or not).

Getting to the gym has been a challenge.  I prefer mornings but I don't really want to get there at 6am and then have to shower there.  After work is ok depending on what's going on.  I'm still working my Couch to 5k and I think I'm on the end of week 5.  The thought of jogging 20 minutes straight tomorrow night has me shaking in my sneakers, but I'll do the best I can.  I really want to do the Gasping Gobbler on Thanksgiving morning, so I'm going to push through it the best I can.

Guess that's all for now...


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