Oh the holidays... and other random crap

Dec 27, 2009

So my first Christmas week postop was quite interesting.  Foodwise I was just horrible most of the week, but towards the end of the week I smartened up and have taken off the 2 to 3 lbs. that I had put on.  I went to the Bariatric center on Thursday for a weigh-in and a reality check and that seemed to help a lot.  Christmas Day we went to visit one of my brothers and I haven't seen most of that side of the family since shortly after surgery.  My SIL said I was "wasting away" hahaha.  I very nicely said "not quite".  Also apparently my neice in law was looking me up and down and giving me dirty looks.  I didn't realize it but my DH told me.  It just makes me laugh to a certain extent.  I guess it was my first experience of negativity as all my friends have been super supportive.  I was a little hurt that my brother didn't say anything one way or another.  But, he's a guy, so I can forgive him.

I was a good girl and hauled my butt to the gym today in the rain.  The guy working the desk mentioned that I'd lost a lot of weight and I told him almost 100 lbs. and he said he could tell from my picture from about a year ago.  It's funny because I actually went to elementary school with him and he recognized me from way back then.

It's amazing to me because my journey truly started almost exactly one year ago.  That was when I had my initial appt. with the PCP and asked for the referral for WLS.  I joined the gym just after New Year's and began eating healthier and "dieting" at that same time.  It's been an amazing year and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring.  I plan to do my first 5k, go skiing, try snowshoeing and who knows what else.  I'm ready to live my life without excuses and 100+ lbs. of excess weight and fear holding me back.

I went shopping after Christmas and found some great stuff.  I got two pairs of khakis at Ann Taylor Loft for less than $8 each - and they're size 8P!  The thighs are a little tight, but they're meant to be (I hope).  I also can wear regular width shoes!  I got a pair of nice mid-calf/high ankle black boots for Christmas and can't wait to wear them to work tomorrow.  I also tried on some knee high boots and they zipped!  I didn't get them because I didn't know what I'd wear them with.  I also have bones - bones - who knew?!?  Collarbones, hipbones, foot and hand bones - every day is like Christmas.  LOL.

I hope everyone else is making wonderful discoveries as well.  Happy Holidays to all!


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