Five Months Today

Nov 01, 2009

Ahh yes, today is my 5 months surgiversary.  How can it be 5 months already?  I've had a lot of changes this month.  I was wearing the same size jeans forever it seemed, then finally they got looser and looser.  So I went to Old Navy and bought a pair of 10s - yes size 10s - imagine that!  Well, I wore them and dangit they were loose!?!  How could that be?  So I went back a couple of days later and tried on the 8s for shits and giggles, and they fit!  What!?!??!?!  I'm just kind of shellshocked at the moment about that.  I started the Couch to 5K running program and I really think that's what has made the difference.  I haven't been to the gym in a little over a week for various reasons, but I'm going tomorrow one way or another.  That's where I take my official weight (other than the Dr's office, but the scales are almost exact).  However, on my home scale, naked, I'm officially OVERWEIGHT! 

I went out dancing with some friends Friday night.  It's so funny being with a group of people, some raved over my weight loss and others didn't seem to notice.  This weekend is my brother in law's wedding, so that should be interesting.  I haven't seen most of DHs family since the last family wedding two years ago.  I bought a fabulous dress at Macy's (on clearance even) and I hope to stun them all into silence (hah fat chance of that!)  I'll be sure to put up some pics after the weekend.

Why do our brains play such tricks on us?  Sometimes all I can see is the fat - other times I think I look fairly normal.  There's no rhyme or reason to what the mirror shows me it seems.  Ok, I've rambled enough, going to bed I think...

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