My story actually begins back in preschool.  At that time, my mother brought to the attention of my pediatrician that I would eat four plumbs in a sitting, along with other stories of over eating.  He had two responses.  The first one was that I was eating healthy foods, so don't worry about it.  When she pressed him on it his other answer was "well, only give her one"  Unfortunately during that time there wasn't a big emphasis on obesity, espeically in children.  It was still just "baby fat" according to everyone.  During gradeschool there was a short period of time where I played soccer and therefore stayed fairly fit.  I didn't like sports though (When in the position of goalie, I ducked to avoid the ball.  Get the idea?) so that soon stopped.  My weight went steadily up from there.  From the time I was in 7th grade I heard how "mature" I looked.  I thought that was a compliment.  Hind site 20/20 I realize I looked mature because I was already 5'" and weighed the same as an "adult"  I was also shopping in the women's department when all my friends were shopping in the teens department.  I started yo yo dieting and exercising.  My mom had work out videos which I used (Jane Fonda step aerobics)  Each time I would lose and then regain.  In high school I discovered diet pills.  I used every kind you could imagine.  At one point Iost about 50 pounds, looked good, felt crappy.  I was shaky from the caffeine and other stimulants, but kept up because they made me look good.  All through highschool I gained and lost, more gain than lost.  Shopping for prom dresses was, well, horrible.  I cried and cried and cried.  My senior prom dress came from a wedding store because that's all that would fit me.  After highschool I got a strenuous job, so I dropped some weight.  That job ended, and so did the weight loss.  I had already met "the man of my dreams"  My next crash diet, Atkins, was for the wedding.  I bought my dress a year prior and then didn't fit into it.  With the help of Atkins and some fancy seamstressing, the dress fit.  I probably wouldn't have fit in it after the "all inclusive" honeymoon.  I had been researching WLS for quite some time, but didn't think it would work, was scared of the complications, and didn't think I would qualify.  Finally I did some serious on line research.  A few co workers had the procedure done.  3 had great results, one did not follow the program and began regaining before even getting within 100 pounds of goal.  I contacted Barix in December 2006.  January of 2007 I had my consult.  Consult to surgery was a very long time as during the summer I lost a lot of focus, was unsure of my decision, and therefore didn't contact them nor return phone calls.  There were so many personal and professional issues, I let myself go.  Finally in the fall I got my date - after a minor set back it was Oct. 30.  Many people did not agree with my decision, but I did.  And so then was my new birthday!

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