Lyudmila S. Pupkova

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. P as I call her. SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST FANTASTIC SURGEON EVER!! She is renowned in her field, and knows EXACTLY what is going on with all of her patients at EVERY given time. The day of surgery I was a big fat mess, crying hysterically, couldn't calm myself down. She came in, hugged me, held me soooo tight. Then she gave me a back and shoulder massage and put me at ease. Her expertise is evident at every stage of the game. She came to see me every day - sometimes more than once. She was also on the phone with the nurses often to make sure I was doing OK. She walked the halls with me when I was walking, and kept my family informed soooooo well. I thank the Lord I had such a competent professional working on me. I knew everything would go well from her. She is very warm and caring - but she is very strict about everything. And I respect that. I called her on my 6th day post op as I was having some horrible nausea and diarrhea. She told me what to do, calmed my fears - and called me FOUR times that day to check in on me, plus once the next morning. Unbelievable. Absolutely AMAZING!! Anyone going with Dr. P will be sooooooo lucky to have her."

Barix Clinics

"I had my consult there so far only (surgery to be scheduled now that I have approval). It was immaculate, staff was very accommodating and it was a wonderful experience."
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