Getting Back To My Normal Routine...

Oct 13, 2009

I went to Dr. office on Friday and of course their scale is about 5/6 pounds heavier than mines so to them I only lost 31 pounds, but mines is showing at 38 pounds.  The Dr. said that I was doing good and say that I would reach plateaus when I switch food stages and stuff like that.  I did manage to get a B-12 shot and told me that I can give them to myself and wrote me a perscription...We shall see how that go.  The rest of that weekend was kind of blah..I did step out of my food stage and ate some macroni salad and my body didn't reject it that day...but that next morning when I had it my stomach was jumping and had the runs for a few...I guess my body was like its too early to be having this crap.  I just didn't feel like eating another boiled egg or grits...I wanted something normal.  Well lesson

Well, I went back Yesterday offical began my solid food phase and I am soo happy to be able to eat "normal" food.  I have been meaning to plan my meals moving forward but have been loo lazy to do so.  I did manage to have some mexican yesterday and it was so good.  It felt so different ordering a quesidilla.  I normally would pig out and order a whole bunch of stuff, but this time I did good.  I just order a regular chicken quesidilla and some tortilla chips.  When I got home I split the quesidilla in half and only took out a few chips.  I ate it slow and enjoyed every bite of it.  By the end of the meal I was full and satified.
Yesterday I also met back with my personal trainer that I haven't seen in about 6 weeks.  By the end of the season I felt great.  Granted, he probably took it easy on me, but I still did better than expected.  We mainly did push up, crunches, and arm strengthen, but I felt myself moving around a little more briskfully.  I decided to meet with him on 3x a week and am promising myself not to work myself to death like I did pre surgery.  I was working out like 5-6 times a week with him and it was crazy...My goal is walk the days I don't meet with him during the weekday and relax on Saturday.  My clothes are starting to fit differently, but still can not notice the weight lost.  I  still haven't weighed myself and won't weigh myself until my period is completely over...don't feel like dissapointing myself again. 


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