Monday weigh in

Jul 27, 2009

 I weighed 291 pounds just last Tuesday when I got weighed at the hospital.  This morning I weigh 264.2!  That is so cool.  I have lost 26.8 pounds in one week!  I worked on my diet since April 1st to loose weight before my surgery and only managed to loose  27 pounds.  My total weight loss since April 1st is now, 53.8 pounds!  
This is so exciting!  I actually feel like my clothes are starting to feel a little bigger.  
I am able to take in most of the liquids and proteins that I need and all is well with the plumbing.
The only real issues that I am having are the incision line has a tiny opening way up at the top of it and has a micro amount of drainage.  I had internal stitching then dermabond on the outside and steristrips over all of that.  Being a nurse, I am trying to keep it clean and dry.  Of course the location of this incision is in a hard place for us ladies to keep real dry as it starts just under the breast bone.  It is getting rubbed by the bra and with all this darn humidity, it is one of my sweaty places.  I also feel a little stitch under my left rib cage when I breath really deep.  I have done deep breathing and meditation for years and when I say I breath deep, I actually lift my abdomen when I breath.  OH well, I will stay abreast of these issues and if I feel the need to call the doctor I will.  Right now I am not too alarmed about any of it though.  I welcome comments.  Until I feel the need to blog, or next Mondays weigh in, good luck and God bless all my OH friends!


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