Happy New Year

Dec 31, 2009

Last year on New Years day, I sat.  I weighed in at 308 pounds.  I was severly depressed and despondent.  I often wondered why my husband would want to be with a woman who couldnt do a lot of things most folks take for granted,  I couldn't walk very far as my hips hurt, I couldn't do a lot of things. 
On a whim, I visited OH website as I had done many times in the past.  Boredom was my friend on this day though.  I am not sure if it was devine intervention or what, but something made me go to my insurance companies website and read my certificate of coverage.  The wording changes frequently as I know as a nurse.  To my amazement, my insurance company no claimed that they covered gastric bypass for the morbidly obese.  Of course, I was now a type 2 diabetic on top of being huge.  I went to Dr Aranow's little preop group.  I needed to get the paperwork started.  And that is what I did and in July 2009 my life changed forever.

I have a lot to be thankful for today.  I weigh 199 pounds and I am still losing.  NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever weigh less than 200 pounds. 
All I can say is if. your insurance company gives you a hard time about paying for your surgery, keep trying.  I was denied twice but it didn't stop me.  My pursuit paid off and in a big way.  I thank the Lord for blessing me with health again.  I am sure that I did the right thing.  The hardest part is learning that a big plate is something you will never use again.  I couldn't be happier and nothing can break my stride.  To everyone who reads this who is still wondering if they are making the right decision...YOU ARE.  Just wait until you see the results.  Size 26 jeans to a size 16 jeans in just 5 months...whoooohoooo
Happy New Year everyone.  Love yourself first....everything else will just fall into place!


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