My one month after surgery post

Aug 22, 2009

 I have lost a total of 60 pounds since I started my pre-op diet until now, 4 weeks out of surgery.   My clothing is beginning to feel too big.  I treated myself to some summer clearance pants and a shirt on Friday.  I am now in a size 18 bottom, down from a size 26!  My top size is now 2X, down from 3X!  I felt so good.  I even bought myself a new necklace and earrings.  I am starting to feel like a woman again, and wanting to dress in womanly style instead of "I just don't care style"!  I am starting to feel good again about my decision.  Food is no longer controlling my every move and mood....
I questioned if I had made the right decision right after I got home from the hospital.  I would become frustrated/stressed with something, and want to eat!  I no longer have eating to soothe my stress, as an option.  YAY    So, the people in my family who were causing me stress, I explained this to.  They understood, and we all try to maintain a tolerable stress level in our home.  I also started retaking my anti-depressant which I was off for about a week post op.  I felt lousy for a good two weeks after surgery.  Of course I was feeling better each day, but I still felt lousy.  The weather was so hot and muggy, I spent most of my time indoors, in the air conditioning.  On week three, I decided to go back to work.  Incision line healed.  It was the best decision I made.  The last two weeks, since I returned, have flown by.  My normal routine is returning.  I have had some issues with constipation due to the iron in the vitamins I am taking.  Flintstones complete, which is what my doctor requests us to take.  I bought prune juice today to try and loosen the constipation up a bit.  I hope it all works out.  I only dumped once since surgery when I tried to add sugar free Hershey's syrup into a vanilla protein drink.  Chocolate like products have been totally shelved.  I am also lactose intolerant.  I am using Smart Balance lactose/fat free milk now.  I eat very little.  I am only eating about an ounce at a meal.  Eggs aren't my best friend anymore either.  I gag when I try to eat them.  Maybe later.  I am seeing my Doctor on the 28th.  It is supposed to be my 4 week check up, but it is 2 weeks overdue, due to vacation time by the APRN, who is who I am seeing.  I am hoping for a diet upgrade to step 5 of the diet program.  I am psyched.  I am also going to return to the gym real soon.  I want to maximize these "honeymoon months" after WLS, and loose as much as I can.  I feel great about the changes that I am seeing and feeling, as well as how I am feeling about myself.  My ASN college classes resume next week.  My RN license is my next big goal.  My long-term goal is a MSN in nursing.  Since I am 50 years old now, I am not sure what is driving me to do this, except maybe personal accomplishment.  By the time I am done with classes, I will probably be 65!  That is it for now.  I am only getting weighed on the 20th of each month from here on out.  Weight fluctuations on the scale tend to bother me if I try to get a weekly reading.  Therefore I am going to monthly weights so I can see a good measurable loss.  I will try to post photo soon.  Thanks to all my OH friends and my family for their continued support with my goals.    


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