Jonathan Aranow

"Being a nurse in Connecticut for many years, I realize one thing, 'when you are going to let someone open up your body, you want the best and most experienced person to do it." You hear horror stories of gastric bypass surgeries and tremendous complications and sometimes even death. I know this because I did my homework way before and right up to the time I made a choice, and chose Dr Aranow. He came with a very high evaluation within the nursing community. To me, my colleagues opinions are highly valuable as well as the reviews I read on Obesityhelp website. I actually had a well known Hartford Internist tell me, "Go to Dr Aranow in Middlesex hospital." He has a great track record for no complication surgeries. So that is how it all started. I had an exceptional surgery, no complications. Some expected pain, well managed with suffiecient pain medications. I had the RNY and it went very well. I was out 2 years on 7/20/11 and I am still losing weight. The only negative thing that I can say about Dr Aranow is regarding follow up care. It wasn't until my 2 year appointment that I ever saw Dr Aranow again, from the time I saw him in the hospital. He had a very knowledgeable APRN named Julie working with him. Although I know she had all the skill and knowledge needed to do what she needed to do for me, I just feel it would have been nice to see "MY Surgeon" at least once from the hospital day to the two year anniversary. The most important thing to me in review though has been done. I am half the size I used to be and healthy and happy beyond my wildest dreams. Go to Dr Aranow if you live within a resonable distance it is well worth the drive. I know, I live in Windsor Locks which is about an hour drive to worth it though. He and his staff always make you feel good in the office and they are very friendly. Thank you all."

Elizabeth Archambault

"Liz is a very smart person, who has studied food and diet for awhile. She was empathetic to the trials and tribulations of Morbidly Obese people."
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