Eating and not Feeling Deprived

Jan 05, 2009

     My weight-loss may be slow but I am not in competition with anyone.
     And I refuse to ever feel deprived. Of course as I don't "dump".....
     I work on my proteins- including one large drink in the a.m. and liquids and vitamins.
     I am anemic and calcium deficient but both I had before my RnY. And as many know already, vitamins cost money!
    Tonight my friend who is a dietician, came over with her special scale and tape measure.
     Only down 200g from seven weeks ago.... but I was away from home for several days and slightly off my eating plan.
     And my daughter's wedding.
     And it was evening and the other times, the weighing was earlier in the day and not at night.
     But it was a loss and that is what counts!