Taking time to smell the roses (or cow manure)

May 04, 2011

The wet, cold weather has prevented  me from doing as much bike riding as I would like, so when I left work today under sunny skies and dry conditions, I headed right to the bicycle trail.

I was making real good time and felt good with lots of energy. I  made the turn for home as the sun was setting. I could hardly wait to see what my total time would be.  But when I passed the local farm, I saw the cattle grazing in the field with the sun behind them.. I had to stop and take out my phone and take this picture.

I love having goals like faster times on my bike. But sometimes I have to step back and take a moment to remember why I am on this weight loss journey. It is to become healthier, hopefully live longer,  and enjoy the life I had deprived myself of all of those morbidly obese years.

I am not here to trade one obsession for another.

I finished my ride of sixteen miles tonight in about an hour.  And hey... if I can increase my riding speed by about ten miles an hour... I'll be as fast as Lance Armstrong!

(I can dream, cant I?)