I used to dread holidays @ 500 plus pounds.

Jun 19, 2011

I guess the best way to describe my old attitude toward holidays and special occasions like birthdays would be "avoidance". I hated it when my wife would pressure me to celebrate.  Celebrate? Celebrate what? 

Celebrate that I had to drag myself out of  my Lazy Boy chair and feel the pain in my arthritic knees as I got the house ready for guests?

And I definitely hated "celebrating" when I would assume that friends and relatives who hadn't seen me in a while would be wondering how I had "let myself go", and were probably taking bets on how much more weight I had gained.

I suppose I could have been a better person by embracing "fat acceptance".  There were times in my life where I went to the shore knowing people would be saying.. "Look! A beached whale!"  I only did that because I wanted to grab some parts of life that I couldn't get back. Taking my kids to the beach was something I couldn't put off doing.  They grow up  too fast.

But there are many other special times that my family and I missed because of my morbid obesity.

Thanks mostly to my weight loss surgery, I'm at a weight were I can fit into just about any seat.. Including stadium seats.

So I spent father's day with my eldest son, daughter and her fiancee (my wife snapped the pic) a Progressive field watching a rain delayed, extra innings ball game.  The Tribe beat the Pirates 2 to 5 with a home run on the last play of the game.
I ate a hot dog (some of the bun) and I didn't have the urge to sneak away and get more food. I enjoyed the company of family.  What a great day!