Why did I step on the SCALE!?

Apr 02, 2010

This morning curiosity was killing this cat. I wasn't going to do it until Sunday morning, but I couldn't resist. I stepped on the scale and it read 245.2 . I'm down 20lbs since Dec. 10, 2009 ! And I'm 3 days away from surgery. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. That question popped in my head; "Well, I don't have to have surgery. I can do this!"  Reality set  back in, "Yes Amy, you do need this surgery!" Then "The Sabotager" step in my head. I'm sure you know about this creature. "Since you lost some weight, why don't we go to Sonics and get those mozerella sticks you've been wanting ? You'll be able to "get rid of it" at least by Monday evening."  GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! All of this happened from the time I got on the scale until I stepped off. (Of course the thought of mozerella sticks have been on my mind since Wednesday! BTW, this is my week to crave everything. I'm suppose to be coming "on" next week-GREAT!!!!)

I'm excited about the weight loss, please don't get it twisted. I have a size 26 pants that I had on yesterday and I had to go home during lunch to put a belt on b/c they kept dragging the floor. This morning I tried on a size 24 pants I had in the closet and I must say they were loose . But I'm still Morbidly Obese. OOOOOOOK, I'm snapping out of it. I suppose what I'm feeling is normal. And I wonder if we fought this Sabotager will we/I be in this position?


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