What a Ride on this Journey!!

Jun 18, 2010

It's been a while since I've written. I have gone through A LOT of changes in my personal life since the surgery. Luckily my faith has not allowed me to be consume by all the issues that are going on in my life.

Well, I have hit the STALL; 2 weeks and no change! I can see why this is so frustrating. AND on top of that, I havent had my period for the month; usually around 6th-11th. So far NOTHING! I'm going through the motions but nothing is showing up. I tell you. On a good note, I keep getting compliments on how good I look. At this time in my life, those compliments mean the world to me.

I went shopping yesterday. Its amazing how I was feeling reluctant in going into a store, but I broke down and went into several stores. I'm very particular on how much I want to pay and the quality of the clothing. Well, JCP had both!!! The avg. price of what I bought was $6 (1 pr jeans, 1 pr jogging pants, 2 dress slacks, 4 rib tanks, 2 tops, 1 jean jacket). Pants size is btwn 18/20 and shirt size is 1x or XL in Misses!!! When I got home that's when I decided to try them on. THEY ALL FIT!!! I was in hog heaven last night.

I told someone that I have more weight to lose. That person looked at me and said "Why? You're not comfortable with your size now?". I just laughed. This is the same person who is always trying to get me to eat something sweet!

Let the Journey continue!


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