Birthday update 9/18/ 08

Sep 18, 2008

Today is my birthday and my colon gave me the best gift ever! Today for the first time in almost 6 weeks I had a normal BM! AND I was pain free for the first time since September 1. I had a CAT scan Friday and got worse over the weekend the pain was increasing to the point of feeling my gut would explode. I called the doc first thing Monday morning to get the colonoscopy scheduled as she had requested on Friday but when she realized the pain was worse she said I could NOT have the colon exam as it could tear the colon...So she wanted to admit me to the hospital...I asked for her to just see me instead she said go to the ER...I did spent the entire day there Monday the 15. They all agreed the CAT showed something in the gut but not sure what...again he was going to admit me to find the cause of the pain and DHR..Of course NO more DHR the rest of the day!! I had to stop 2 times on the way to the hospital to have DHR!! But all done by the time I got there!! SO they couldn't get a stool sample. After a day of IV and trying different drugs 2 bad trips and one good response to a drug...a very caring concerned doc (who took time to sit down with me, question listen and think)...Found the answer to the puzzle...
I had been given a 3 day course of Antibiotics back in early Aug. My DS surgeon wasn't informed so didn't know I had been on antibiotics. The 3 day course of Cipro killed all the good bacteria in my new gut which was trying to heal...that threw me into DHR which caused inflammation and MORE DHR and led to server pain.
He changed my antibiotic and gave me two more RX with it...With the correct was my first pain free and regular BM day..What a lovely gift my colon has given me!!! Lesson learned: always make sure your DS surgeon KNOWS everything the PCP is doing!!

Sent to the hospital for a CAT 9/12/08

Sep 12, 2008

I had been up ALL night from 12 midnight -5AM with DHR...worst episode lasted a FULL 25 MINUTES!!! I was so drained...and belly hurting/sore...The belly pain which really became constant and noticable on Sept 1 when I was laughing so hard I cried...has been getting worse daily this week. I noticed yesterday that it had began hurting to lift things like a cooking pot or to put my left arm above my head, to bend over, move, sleep flat or lay on my side and hurt to stand! In short it was tender and hurt but was very localized in a small place a bit smaller than a tangerine.
I called the docs office at 8:00 AM today to leave a the pain got worse I called them back again at 9AM. They said they would contact the doc and let me know. They called back at 10 AM and told me not to eat or drink anything and that they were making arrangements to get me into the hospital for a CAT scan of the belly...She said she would call back again with the time...I waited until about noon when she called and said get right over to the hospital as soon as you can.
I called David to let him know and he said he wanted to go with me his work is pretty much on the way up there so I just stopped by and picked him up...By the time we got to the hospital it was about 1:30 PM we were there until 7:30PM.

Dr Inman literally ran by me on her way to a surgery and said she wanted me to wait at the hospital for the results and she would call me as soon as they knew anything.

They put an IV in my arm to do a Contrast CAT scan test...I also had to drink 20 oz of orange barium over 1 ½ hours for the test...I sure didn't' think I would be able to do that...normally it takes me 3 HOURS to get 20 oz of liquid in...but I pushed and choked it wasn't bad tasting too sweet for me but just too full!!
The test itself only took a few minutes MUCH more prep than test time!! The gal was nice said that the IV dye would make me feel flushed...I said I am use to hot flashes...suddenly it felt like I had WET myself....I must have looked shocked she said do you feel the flush...I said no I feel like I wet myself!!! She said NO that is the flush...I said you NEED to tell people it is DOWN There I expected it on my FACE not the opposite end!!!! Very uncomfortable feeling!!!
The test was over in minutes...They would not allow me to leave, eat or drink etc in case I needed more tests.
So we waited another few hours for the radiologist to read it give his report and someone to contact Inman...Then Inman phoned the desk they gave her the results and she asked to speak to me on the phone—She said I had a very bad inflammation in my colon-- NOT anywhere near where she did the surgery (But I think it was caused by the surgery--- stuff being irritated and rearranged)....anyway she said it was very inflamed and they needed to find the cause for the inflammation and get rid of it before it got worse...(DUH too late!) but she meant worse not as in the DHR and pain but turned into something worse.... She said her partner Dr Evanston would do a colonoscopy on me--- BUT that I would have to call on Monday to get the date and time...She said that is the cause of both the DHR and pain—Since the DHR has been ongoing for 5 weeks and the pain getting worse over the past 12 has really worked itself up and been a long time coming hence getting worse each day.
She said over the weekend she wanted me to continue the Flagyl even though it doesn't seem to be helping at all...I am having more and more trouble trying to swallow it I think my throat may also be inflamed again from the pre condition I have LRP She said to add Pepto bismo to the other meds and vitamins until the test when they can figure out what to do to treat it the best way.
EVEN if I had to live with the DHR for the rest of my life I am still glad I had the open DS. Don't want the pain NOR the FLAGYL though!!!

9 weeks out getting honest here 9/9 08

Sep 09, 2008

I have been looking back over the past nine weeks.
For the most part has been GREAT and EASY.
Any pain I may have had in the hospital was not noticed as my dear husband kept pushing the pain pump for ME when I was asleep so I didn't wake IN pain...Hence I have no memory of pain. When I left the hospital I didn't need any pain meds at all when I came home.
I have had some BUMPS in the journey road. Such as:
Getting nauseous the first week home and not getting enough fluids which landed me in the ER for IV fluids...
Sometimes I still get a bit nauseous in the early morning not daily and I have never thrown up! But my tummy feels queasy and I don't feel like eating...It will usually pass in a few hours then I can eat and take my vitamins. I DO have an RX for Anti nausea meds if it gets too bad.
Another bump has been a gut imbalance I have gotten in the past month. I was normal in my BMs at the beginning then I became constipated -taking stool softeners and fiber cured that...and I was normal as pre surgery just going 1-2 times in the early morning done for the day--
Then suddenly I began diarrhea about 4 weeks ago. This has become a daily problem, some days not as bad as others. OTHER Days I go for hours on end with just 15 mintues between trips to the bathroom a few times I got up 6 times made it a few feet then had to go back again..
This has been puzzling...I can't find a pattern as to anything I have or have not eaten. I stopped dairy no change, tried lactase not change, some times it was just worse or better for no reason.
Last Friday I began Flagyl..nasty stuff...I don't want to take it and don't see any improvement but have to take it 10 days 3x a day.
As I said some days I go every few minutes for hours! Other times just a few times in an hour and done till the next day...I have tracked everything that goes in my mouth and don't see any pattern or cause for this...The smell while on the Flagyl is deadly very embarrassing in a public restroom which I had to use numberous times yesterday when I suddenly had a bout of it while out and couldn't make it home without stopping at every restroom between the store and home!
I was told the smell is due to the dead bacteria and to flush it out with upping fluids...Oh my goodness it is nasty..
Prior to the DHR I didn't have ANY gas nor smelly BMS I was breezing along fine...they were almost as normal as pre surgery...I am LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT DAY AGAIN!
BUT IF I had to live like this the rest of my life--- it would STILL be worth having the DS! My husband has had accidents with DHR frequently and he never had surgery so it can happen to ANYONE!
I still have a very SWEET taste in my mouth..Not bothersome at all just noticeable to me. AND more often than not I have a dry mouth and crave water.
I have odd little pains..such as when I got to laughing so hard I cried on Labor day and it felt like something got pulled in my new tummy area...the discomfort has lingered I laughed again this past weekend (one week later) and noticed it hurt still hurt to laugh hard...NOW it is 3 days later and last night and today I have noticed it is very SORE to lay on, and tender to the touch...If it continues I will contact the surgeons office as I have to report to them on my progress from the use of Flagyl anyway.
My abdomen is very lumpy and alien looking to me...not my smooth belly any more but I am told that will even out eventually I am NOT going to be wearing any bathing suits any time soon so not a problem. Just weird to look at it.
The upside which I focus on and which has FAR OUT WEIGHTED ANY BUMPS in the journey...ARE:
I healed nicely no complications aside from the drain being in a week after the hospital release.
In 9 weeks I have lost 42" 2 clothing sizes and 47 POUNDS!
My skin is NOT hanging off my body yet...I get lots of people telling me how I GLOW and how great I look.
I can eat anything just smaller amounts...I have had a few times I OVER ate and was very uncomfortable with a tight feeling in my chest...but a 25-30 minute walk cured that and I was fine and comfortable again. I due try to be careful NOT to let that happen as it is uncomfortable.
For the FIRST time in my life I FEEL hungry AND I feel full...My body was wired differently then other people. My entire life I NEVER felt hungry OFTEN I would FORGET to eat!! BUT when I DID eat I NEVER felt full and would continue to eat without stopping...NOW I feeI I am normal...though most new DS pre ops talk about NOT being hungry I am thrilled to feel that sensation and to feel full!
I am hit and miss on the amount of Protein I am getting in some days over 100 other days not as much as I should.
My taste for the Protein shakes is back so I can drink them again that help. I LOVE bacon, and hamburgers and am enjoying them again without GUILT!
I have lost a couple of "friend" as they are now uncomfortable with my weight loss and my weighing LESS than they do guess they were friends only because we were all overweight. BUT I Have gained a lot of new friends through the Indy DS meetings and have support I need.
MY PERSONAL feeling is that DS IS superior and OPEN is the best way to get better results. But I would not post that publicly and get flamed. Laparoscopic DS get great results too...I am glad I had mine open and would do it again in a heartbeat. I am thrilled with the results already at only 9 weeks out.

8 weeks out Sep 3 08

Sep 03, 2008

I think I am settling into a normal routine and my body is getting adjusted to the DS.

Following are the changes I have noticed at 8 weeks.

I began exercise at week 6 and am now up to 5 miles a day on the recumbent bike.

My mouth is still very dry at times mostly at night I still have a very sweet taste in my mouth all the time.

My weight loss has slowed down to a pound or half pound a week. I will wait a month till I measure and take pics again.

I have had on going diarrhea for about 3 weeks. Today I talked to Inman's office today they are "concerned" that some days it is up to 8 times a day. Early out I was VERY normal and BMs just like I did PRE op I was actually constipated and had to take lots of stool softeners for a couple of weeks. Suddenly a few weeks ago I seemed to get stomach flu...the Diarrhea followed then STAYED!
Some days I THINK I am going to have normal BM's for the day but then out of nowhere the diarrhea comes. Sometimes it is only 2 times a day which is not a concern they say... others days it will be up to 8x!
I am looking for a pattern as to why it is worse sometimes than others. And HOW do I get back to where I was the first few weeks when I had normal shape, size and type BM...
I am eating a lot more food which I guess could cause it...I log all food, meds, and trips to the bathroom to try to find a pattern but not able to see any pattern yet as to why it is worse sometimes than other days.
I take Lactase may try doing it more often, I also take probioitics may need to up that also.

I find I am hungry. My calorie intake is between 800-1,200 a day.
My protein has varied but keeping it between 80- 100 a day.
Carbs have crept in a bit due to a birthday party I keep a CLOSE eye on it and so far keeping it under 50 a day.
I found I can NOT eat anything with sugar alcohols in it they make me have gas pain..other than that I do not have gas.
Still trying to get MORE water in so far it is about 68 oz a day on a good day when I am trying very hard!

I have gone down 1 size in slacks and 2 sizes in tops.

My skin on my arms, legs and tummy is getting scaly and peeling off like a sun burn. I am beginning to lose more hair.

My hot flashes have returned as have the stiffer hairs on my chin and neck...oh the joy of ageing!

I occasionally have days when I am very tired but most days I have so much more energy than I had Pre op. I also feel much better overall than I did pre op.

6 weeks out 8/20/08

Aug 19, 2008

Wow I can't believe I am already 6 weeks out...For the first time I actually got ALL my water, protein, and vitamins in for the day!! THAT is progress!! I am in a size smaller pants...good feeling, my rings are all falling off my fingers...had to go back in my jewelry box and pull out smaller sizes from YEARS ago!! That feels good.
I have enjoyed eating my hamburger, bacon, etc...Went out to eat with Cory and Brian of Evansville for lunch at Le Peeps and the local DSers had a blast at Joes Crab shack where Lori B and Lyndia showed me how to break and eat fresh crab...yum...enjoyed seeing my new DS friends...I have missed my RNY group it was hard to lose all of them...but I had to change support groups and hospitals when I switched from RNY to the DS surgery. I am so thankful for my new support group in Indy and on
I have lost 41 pounds and 34" all over. I am doing much better getting water, vitimans and protein in.

Waiting for pics

Aug 17, 2008

Several people have requested I post pics...I have been taking them once a week with my measurments and weight. I got them onto the computer tonight and have been looking at them...I am just not ready to post them at only 5 weeks out...I need more self confidence...Yes I KNOW everyone on here started out overweight...I do see a bit of difference but not as much as I will wait just a bit longer. I am in my first weight stall...have not lost anything in almost a week now...I will have to wait that out too. Guess I am getting the post surgery blues...will be 6 weeks this comming Weds. I know many others have said the same thing--I HOPE my DS is successful and works...I have never had the orange slick, I have OVER eaten on TOO many occassions...sure hope I didn't hurt or streach myself to the point I won't be as effective. I can eat more than I could...scary...I read of others only taking a couple of bites and being full..NOT me! Scary...I am glad my common Channel is only 60cc my tummy was to be 4-4 1/2 oz but I KNOW I accidently drank 6 oz without any problem...I want to be successful in this...My husband is so proud so many people at church and friends are watching me and seeing what happens...I so want to be successful...a poster child for the DS. I am wearing one FULL size smaller pants and 2 sizes smaller top so I KNOW I am loosing...but last measurments were only a couple of inches over all and as I said holding the same weight lately...Hope I can out last the stall and not get too discouraged.

5 week update

Aug 15, 2008

I am a few days late getting this updated for my 5th week. I have been taking weekly will try to get them on here as soon as I can but there are only 5 pics so far...I was hoping for one of those WOW start to finish picture presentations, but I know people want to see the progress so far. I have had a few ask me to post pics SO I will get them on I promise. Though trust me my Chinchilla is MUCH cuter to look at!
My weight loss has slowed to about 1 pound each 5 days. When I reached that slow down...I upped my food intake...and calories, as well as ate some wheat bread a couple of times...AND A couple of Carmel cookies...YUM..BUT it didn't do anything to speed up or slow down the weight...still losing slowly...THAT is all I care about that I do keep losing..
I have currently lost almost 40 pounds and 30" from all over my body...I do seem to be melting from top to bottom.
My shirts are WAY too big...I hadn't noticed it in my hips as much but today I went to buy some much needed shirts hoping to take advantage of summer season sales...I saw some pants so tried them on and I am able to wear a full size smaller in pants...HAPPY ME>..5 weeks out!! I now officially wear a 1x and 22 pants! My highest ever weight was 305 and largest clothing size was a 3x-4x and 28-30 pants!!
NOW I AM at 236 1x and 22 pants...YES!
I have run into a bit of a snag ...I seem to have picked up a flu or intestinal something I have been very sick at my tummy for the last 48 hours....I also may have a UT infection so I had a test done today at the docs...they were not going to have the results back today so my PCP went ahead and gave me an antibiotic just to be safe and get me through the weekend. 6 CIPRO pills...
I ventured out today by myself for the first time...BIG mistake...I WAY overdid it...I didn't get much of my vitamins or food in today being out at the doc, bank, clothing store, and grocery...In the past I would have taken a protein bar to snack on-- BUT I believe that the sugar alcohols make me very sick now....SO I didn't get to eat lunch...I only got in 2 bottles of water today but that is about all I have ever been able to get down in one day so far.
I was dragging my sorry tush around aimlessly getting more and more tired to the point that it took MUCH longer than normal for me to shop at the grocery store...I was reading ALL the labels for Carbs, fiber, protein etc...TAKES A LONG TIME!!! Suddenly I could hardly move I had awful pain in my belly ....I had to get a store employee to help me out to the car I was in so much pain just trying to get into the car..I almost cried...I have not had that amount of pain since surgery...I had my binder on thank the good Lord...
It was my own foolish thinking that I felt so good and was so recovered that I could do more than I really am able to do at 5 weeks out...LAST WEEK AT 4 weeks out I MOWED the lawn!! WHEN WILL I LEARN 6 weeks’ means 6 weeks!!
I have really been pushing a bit too fast due to feeling so good---- now it is catching up with me!!

4 weeks out now Aug 7

Aug 07, 2008

II have made great progress. Dr Inman did not do any exam on me at my one month visit but she did cut ONE of the stitches which had been catching on my cloths...I came home and cut the other 3 myself...I am still together didn't fall apart...I just didn't want them catching on my cloths anymore they were hanging from dried up scabs and I just cut them off…I feel so much better now...In fact I Mowed the lawn yesterday...I know BIG mistake not ready for that lower abdomen did feel sore but other than that no problems. (I HOPE) I had strained myself at the hospital when I got stuck and the nurse wouldn’t help me...I also strained myself when I was constipated so IF I did any damage it was much earlier than yesterday.
I have noticed a difference in my urine and body smell since surgery it drives me nuts…Hubby said he doesn’t notice anything different but I do…I feel the whole house is picking up the smell….SO I am self conscious right now about it and want to stay on it…I don’t know how long it will last…or if it is permeate due to the changes made in my body…hope not!!!
I am still taking 3 stool softeners a day plus benifiber..I may drop back to 2 softeners. Only have 1 stool a day at least I don’t have to strain now…I don’t know if it is normal or not but it is pale to bright yellow in color…
I have lost 38 pounds and 25" overall….Glad to see the belly is starting to go down slowly. It is still caved in some areas and bulges in other areas but pleased overall making some progress...I have a small stall going right now weight is really slowing down a lot maybe losing ½ a pound in a few days…...but I KNOW that is expected so not worried...My tops are getting baggy but I don't see much difference in my pants...
Yesterday I took in my all time high of 60 grams protein and 3 bottles of water!! YAH!!! I ate regular food…did get a lot of heart burn from some tomato sauce on the Dream field pasta but other than that felt good to eat real food not pureed. I did not measure it out correctly I thought I had a total of 4 oz but I think it may have been 5 as I got WAY over full and had to walk to release the discomfort. That bulge by the sternum…where you can’t breathe, or sit…very uncomfortable. A good walk eased it and I was fine…except for the heartburn later.
I am feeling a bit blue with all the changes and trying to get back into a regular routine…but I know that too will pass.
All in all good for 4 weeks out…seems a life time away and yet I have a lifetime ahead now.

Oops Thursday July 31 08

Jul 31, 2008

I am now 3 weeks out consider myself very blessed to be doing so well. I did have a couple of oppps today. I took my shower and was staring at the incision and one of the scabs was almost off.. .so I helped it along it was not attached but yet it seemed stuck.. ...I pulled a bit on it --opps it WAS attached to a stitch.. Yuck... left it alone.. .I have several fishing line type stitches sticking out various areas of the incision.
Also ended up eating too much and or too fast and had another oops the food laid like a brick made it hard to sit, breath, I walked around for about 30 minutes but it was really uncomfortable... I never vomited or had any other problem just really uncomfortable. I MUST learn to eat slower and continue to measure out.
I got my water bottles mixed up today and I am not sure if I have even drunk a full 3 bottles today! I did drink 4 oz I am up late still trying to drink...I was so full earlier I couldn't bear to think of drinking or putting anything else in my mouth for a while. I must learn from my mistakes or I will be doomed to repeat!

FELT GOOD! Tuesday July 29 08

Jul 29, 2008

Now that the drain is out I was able to sleep on my sides some of last night ..I woke with a very bad sharp pain at one point but was able to get back to sleep and slept longer last night. Today the sharp knife type pain has continue off and on in my lower left back I thought maybe it was my Kidney but David thinks it is muscular with the constant sleeping on my back now moving to different positions. I don’t know I just know it hurts very badly!! The short stabbing pain makes me jump when it hits.
I had 2 neighbors ask me this morning when I was out walking if I had lost weight …BOTH were men..Ray and Bill. I told them yes.. They said they could tell and congratulated me... It is now 33 pounds in 20 days. Starting to taper off in the amount of weight loss and quickness but I KNOW it will all happen eventually. PATIENCE is the key.
The scabs are starting to come off and the drain hole is closed already! AMAZING what the body can do in such a short length of time.

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