Week 10

Apr 20, 2016

Not a bad week.  I am making changes as I was losing WAY TO SLOWLY for someone who just had surgery at least IMHO. So, I looked at what I was doing and checked to see what I could fix.  I was not drinking enough water, I was not weighing all my food, I was eating things that were too greasy and shouldnt be considered for a new patient and I was not exercising enough.

Changes this week... Food logging every meal, exercising as often as possible, weighing meals, and upping my water.  Already feeling better and I hope it shows up on the scale when I weigh in next.  The last weigh in was four pounds in three weeks which did not make me happy.  I hope to double that amount in the next three weeks so we are shooting for eight pounds in three weeks!!!

I am also active in a few support groups and I think that is helping, I am making "to do" lists so I am getting much more accomplished on a daily basis which is lowering my stress level.  I am attending church much more regularly which is lifting my spirits and helping me feel like I have something of value to share with others.  So all in all things are going well. :)

Not thrilled with life yet but not wanting to jump off a cliff in dispair so I call that a win, LOL.


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