Jun 10, 2016

So yes, real life hit and I did eat a few summer foods that werent what I would put as a priority.  Not that I wasnt eating my protein daily, it was just that at a family function or if I had a craving I was probably eating a few more carbs than I wanted to in a day or a week even.  What I saw was a definite stall and I had to take a hard turn back to working the food journal at least a few times a week! Watching that I got in MORE waters, eating a smaller amount at night, a smaller amount at each meal, cooking in bulk again, shopping smart, and adding in MOVEMENT.  Now my goal is to have movement sessions of quality 3 times a day to fill out the sheet that my exercise coach gave me. Yesterday I did really well pushing my mobility and when I weighed in this morning I could see that my efforts had paid off. Im not sure of my lowest weight here, but I had gone back up to about 366 which was disappointing because I really wanted to break through to the 350s by the end of this month! I want to make EFFECTIVE progress each and every month.  The only way to make effective progress is to work the program!
So after putting my body back in the proper low carb/high protein setting I am celebrating a loss of 7.6 pounds! Funny I was at my moms last night and she noticed and I brushed it off as toning up until I stepped on the scale this morning!! :)
So, my goal of being in the 350s is realized now a t 358.4, now my goal is to crash through that hopefully by months end!! :) 
Looking forward to new challenges and new heights!! 
With God all things are possible, right? :)


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