A Pop What?

Apr 30, 2008

Okay that's over.  Between yesterday and today, I've had all my pre-op tests, they drew 14 vials of blood, I peed in a cup and attended my pre-op seminar at University of MD hospital.  (Wow what a place)  Mary Beth even gave us a pop quiz.  You have to get at least 70% correct.  I'm pretty confident that I at least got 70%.  I don't know what the "or what" is?  But I wouldn't have to want to deal with Dr. Kligman not knowing all the risks/complications/regulations/rules going into this.  I met Lewis yesterday at the seminar and he is having surgery with Dr. Kligman on the same day.  How great is that?  Now, the only thing I am worrying about is that they find something on one of the pre-op tests that were performed to hinder me from getting surgery.  I will say my prayers and hope that I've been a good enough girl to let this surgery proceed without any issue.  Next step, pre-op appointment with Dr. K on 5/5.

Trying Not to Count Down Yet

Apr 24, 2008

I haven't been feeling very well this week.  I had an appointment with my endocrinologist last week (diabetes) and they upped my meds.  Making me feel sick to my stomach, plus I have a sinus infection going on that is keeping my head pounding and my teeth hurting.  YUCK!  Anyway, still pushing ahead.  Got my appointment for my pre-op blood work and pre-op workshop today.  Scheduled for next Tuesday.  Still need to get my testing done: chest x-ray, abdominal ultra sound and upper GI before I see Dr. Kligman for my pre-op appointment.  The ladies in his office are amazing.  I love people that say what they are going to do and then actually follow through.  Every day I realize that I'm one day closer to beginning my new life.  I've been trying to make small changes in advance:  I'm trying to eat slowly and chew my food into tiny little pieces.  What I haven't done is give up my diet soda.  That is going to be the hardest thing for me.  I will drink a diet Pepsi, up until the last minute that I'm told I can no longer drink.  26 days and trying not to count.

Not about the weight

Apr 21, 2008

Today I'm venting ~ not about the weight, but about people that enjoy drama.  I hate drama.  I can't stand people that bring drama.  I don't understand what people get from it.  For the past 7 years I've had to endure it.  My grandchildren's mother is the root of it.  She is never satisfied and always has to, just when you think all is going well, cause it.  Today is my grandson's birthday, he turns 5.  Last night she had to cause a scene because he wanted me to give him his bath.  She screamed and yelled that at him because "he doesn't love her."  What she doesn't see is that when she does that she hurts their bond.  They live with me and have most of the time since he has been born.  My grandson and I definately have a bond.  I have always been there for him.  I make it about him and not about me.  If his mother is not in the "spotlight" she will steal it and make a scene, then she blames everything on me.  I'm tired and I need a break.  I pray everyday that she will find some peace.

I got my approval

Apr 20, 2008

  I am sooooo happy.  I checked the website for my insurance company and it says that I was approved!!!  I couldn't believe it, so I called them too.  It's true.  I got my approval from the insurance company.  Tenative surgery date 5/20.

If I could jump up and down, I would.  There is no way to explain the happiness that I feel today.  Finally the end to a long painful journey and the beginning of a productive, healthy life.

Waiting, waiting and more waiting

Apr 11, 2008

3/18/08 - Went to my doctor yesterday for my 6 month "supervised weight loss visit."  Over the past six months, I have gained 20lbs. I am still as excited this day as the first day that I decided to persue this option.  My intentions are as great as ever.  This is the year that my life may truly change.

4/10/08 - Over the past month, I found out that I still needed a letter of cardiac clearance.  I received that and got that to Dr. Kligman's office.  They have all the paperwork they need at this point to put in for the insurance approval.  I am optomistic, but don't want to get too excited.  Seems like every time I "count on something" to happen, it falls through.  I need this operation.  My diabetes is ruining my life.  Pain in my feet often makes me not sleep at night. 

From the start

Oct 15, 2007

I know I didn't get here overnight, but it seems like time is standing still.  It's been about a month since I first saw Dr. Kligman.  I've done my psych, and my stress test.  I have an appointment for my sleep study.  I have 5 more months of  "documented" diet through my physician before I can have them submit to my insurance company.  Like I've never done a diet before.  Nothing works.  My diabetes is out of control and I spent the majority of the weekend sick and in bed.  I'm up to 5 shots a day and 2 pills.  I can't stand needles.  I can't wait until I have this surgery.  I want to feel better.  I want to stop taking the shots!

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