Still not feeling better...will it ever end?

May 13, 2011

I went back to the dentist to have the 3 fillings done to finish up the right side of my mouth. I went in feeling better, because now I feel so much better after being treated for the absess on that lower tooth that had a root canal that did not take. But what bothered me the day before was that I was battling another 2 day headache...My first in a couple of weeks. So my thought is..."Uh-oh!" Well, I went in and talked to my dentist and he pretty much said that the numbing he did last time hit the nerve that was bothering me by accident. It was a good thing, but not his intension. So he would talk to my primary and explain what had happened and that it was too soon to see if the infection was completely gone. The infetion was so bad that it started to infect the bone! OMG! Well, he begins work on the 3 top teeth and sees that the old fillings just broke apart. So he finished the work and said that one tooth was pretty bad, but he was able to fix and clean it up. I then leave and get home to rest. I take a vicodin to help with the pain and NOTHING! I then take a 2nd pill and NOTHING!!! OMG! I need to call the dentist back. My head, face and now my ear hurts AND I can barely open my mouth. I go in and he takes more xrays at a higher angle and we find the problem. The back tooth that had a root canal at the same time the lower one was done, was also screwed up! They never filled the whole thing! So here we go...another absess AND that's not even the worse part! He takes the highest view of the xray and can't even see what's going on with the other teeth because a HUGE raging sinus infection is overlapping the roots of my teeth! I felt so helpless sitting in that chair! I wanted to just curl up and cry so hard! The dentist calmed me down and told me he could give me a few shots of an anesthetic to help with the pain for about 5-6 hours. I TOOK IT!!!! He then perscribed a stronger antibiotic and told me to see my primary so that way I can get the same meds for my sinus his opinion the infection is so bad that it looks like I would need antibiotics for atleast 30 days to get rid of it. The xrays were not pretty!
The antibiotic is pretty strong and I feel so icky....I had to get another script for pain medicine and I just get so worried! What if I become addicted after all of this? Will I need rehab?...Am I just heading into more CRAP!? But I can't eat without having pain medicine. I can barely talk and I have to make sf pudding to get my protien in. I ate a whole box yesterday....I was so hungry! So the problems keep mounting...If I can't eat then my blood sugar drops and then I have a hypoglycemic fit....if I don't eat I don't get in my protien and then there we go....I'm trying to get all my water in, but even room temperature water hurts the area! I feel like I got drunk last night and ended up in a bar fight! My face hurts, my jaw hurts and my head and I had no fun before that!!!! lol! Geez! I can't exercise because I fall on my face. There is just no way I can at this point and it pisses me off. I'm totally skin and bone and haven't been able to build up any muscle...I hate it! This is one time I wish I was in the hospital...I want someone to take care of me and let me rest. Give me some good pain medication and just baby me! lol! I'm just so exhausted and fed up. I know, I know...I should just be glad that now we know what the problem is...and I am, but this road has been so rough and I just can't imagine how much longer it will take to start feeling better.