Stand Sideways, Stick Out My Tongue, and Look Like A Zipper!!

Jul 21, 2010

Hello Everybody,

First, I need to apologize to everybody here on OH for being away from the website for such an extended period of time. This is not an excuse, but in reality my new life at my one year post op anniversary has changed so much. More on that later.

My one year bandiversary was July 7th and it went by without my even realizing it. My only posted goal here on OH was at one year out stand sideways, stick my tongue out and look like a zipper. I’ll refer you to the pictures posted below. Myself, I think I made it.

My high water mark as far as my weight goes was something around 325 (I quit weighing at 320 pounds and would not get on a scale!). This morning I weighed 215 pounds, that’s at least 105 pounds lost total.    

My life has changed greatly as people no longer recognize me. I walk as far as I want, ten to twelve miles at a time, and ride my bike up to 25 miles a day. These were all considered pipe dreams before losing all this weight. I no longer have high blood pressure and no longer suffer from type 2 diabetes, no more medications.   

If you are traveling down the road to getting surgical approval from your insurance company, hang in there. It is so worth it. True, it’s not for everybody, but it was for me and so many people I’ve grown to know, love, and respect on this website. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years earlier. GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK…..I let the surgeons take my bariatric out and so can you…. Isn’t that what bariatric surgery is?

The first picture below is one of my FAT pictures, the rest were taken this morning..



Feb 11, 2010

At my check up Tuesday, three days ago, Doctor K wanted to do a complete blood work up because it has been over six months since my band went in. I just got off the phone with Mary, the nurse, and she said they have decided that the official diagnosis is, "DISGUSTINGLY NORMAL". All my blood work came back in the normal categories, all of it.... That's never happened before.
I'm happy, that's what I call a huge SV...... Now, just to get rid of these last ten pounds or so.  
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Check Up And Another Fill Today

Feb 09, 2010

Hi Everybody,

I had a checkup and small fill this morning and I've got to tell you I'm a happy person. I've seemed to have corrected the ship and am back on track, although I may not have been off course as much as I thought.

First off since my last check up December 28th of last year I have lost six pounds. I had put on nine pounds between Thanksgiving and December 28th, but the majority of that was actually muscle mass because I've turned into a gym rat and am stronger than I've been in years. I lift weights on CYBEX weight resistance machines three days a week for about 75 minutes a day, then walk five or six miles immediately afterward. Three other days a week I walk six or seven miles a day, today I walked seven and a third miles non-stop at a 15 minute mile rate. I'm actually considering training to do a half marathon (about 13 miles) later this spring and again this fall. Like I said, I’m stronger than I’ve been in many, many years. Today I was down nine pounds from my December 28th weight of 225 pounds, to 219 pounds.

Here's why I'm not concerned about the weight at this time. I started working out in earnest last November and on November 18th my Body Fat Percentage was 28.3%. Even after gaining nine pounds between Thanksgiving and the end of the year my Body Fat Percentage December 28th was 27.8%, down a half a percentage point. Today (2/09/10) after losing six pounds since 12-28-09 my Body Fat Percentage is 26.3% or down an additional 1.5%. My Body Fat Percentage the first time we checked it at my pre surgery check 5/29/09 was 35.2%. So since then I dropped my BF% a whopping 8.9%. Plus all the other benefits of improved self esteem and getting to replace two complete wardrobes at great expense (really, I loved that part).  

In May of 2008 I weighed somewhere between 315 and 320 pounds, today I weighed 219 pounds, somewhere between 95 and 100 pounds below my lifetime highest weight. 
I talked my doctor into doing an additional half a cc fill today and I think that's either 9.75cc or maybe 10.0cc in my 14cc AP band. I believe I may be feeling some restriction this evening. Feels totally different, everything is going down but going down slower, with a slight hesitation. Time will tell.

I sometimes get a little wormy and impatient with my weight loss. My band went in July 7th of last year (2009), that's only seven months ago and actually you can't count the first month after surgery because you are healing and adjusting to band life. So, it has been actually six months of working with my band. During that period of time I've come soooo faaarrr down the road to being healthy it is almost unbelievable. 


GYM RAT!!!! (long)

Jan 04, 2010

OK, I said I wasn’t going to become one, BUT!!!!!!

Hi everyone. First, let me wish everybody here on OH a prosperous new year filled with health, wealth and wisdom.

I haven’t been around much the past few weeks, partially because of the holidays, but also because I’ve turned into a gym rat. I know, I said I wasn’t going to, but I did. Changes have taken place with my body that is both good and bad.

First the good, I had my check up and 5th fill December 28th and the results were mostly good. Let me explain. Over all I had gained nine pounds, about six of that was due to muscle expansion and strength gain. The other three was due to the bad eating choices I made over the holidays (more on that later). 

The reason I said a six pound muscle strength gain, was because of body measurements and because I have lost three of those nine pounds since my doctor's appointment last week, after tweaking my fill. I now have right at 9.5cc in my 14cc AP band.

My regular workout routine is as follows. Three days a week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s) I do strength resistance training on Cybex weight machines for 1¼ hours, immediately followed by walking three miles on the inside track  at the YMCA at a 15 minute a mile pace.

The other three days (usually Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s) I walk four miles at the YMCA indoor track at a 15 mimute mile pace. I usually take Sunday off to spend with the family.

Following this routine I have become a bonified gym rat. My grown daughter swears that I live at the YMCA. I spend about 2 ½ to 3 hours a day there if you count the time it takes to dress for my workout and then shower and change afterward.
The results have been spectacular. I was dreading going to see Dr K because I knew I was eating too much of the wrong stuff, you know, pies, cakes, candy and other holiday stuff. I was embarrassed when the scale said I had gained nine pounds then we started to look at what had happened.

Since my November appointment I have had the following changes in my body and measurements. I’ve gained ½ inch on my waist (bad) but I’ve lost 1 inch off my hips, lost ½ inch on my wrist circumference and had a total loss of 0.5% on my body fat percentage (that’s real good). I’ve also gained the following in muscle measurements. Plus ¼  inch on my chest, plus 1¼ inchs on my thighs, and finally, plus ¾ inch on my calves. I feel sooo much better and stronger, have sooo much more energy and look a lot better (I needed that, believe me). I no longer have people asking me if I’ve been sick. People do ask me how I’ve done it, sometimes I tell them, sometimes I don’t. Depending on the mood I’m in at the time.

I don’t like gaining total weight but I do like the changes of how I look and feel. Remember also, all the changes I’ve posted had taken place between November 18th and December 28th, a little over a month. 

I will get back to losing more fat but I don’t know how much more weight I should lose.  Dr K and I had a long talk on where he thinks I should be and he says that with my body size, athletic build and bone structure (6 feet tall) I should end up around 210 to 215 pounds. He says that the BMI chart is geared toward the average build and bone structure and that is not me. So, I guess I should only lose about 10 to 15 more pounds. I’m not sure that’s where I want to be, just have to wait and see.

Newbies, if you have any doubts about whether or not the band works, read this and then realize that you will get out of the band only what you put into it. It’s not the magic bullet, but believe me it is the best tool I’ve ever seen to help you with getting yourself under control and getting your life, self esteem and confidence back. I’d do it again, in a New York minute. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m getting closer and I’ve got my life back. No more type two diabetes, no more high blood pressure, no longer out of breath after a short walk, and no more sweating constantly. I’ve spent a small fortune on new clothes because I want to look good with clothes that fit and not hang off me because they are way too big. I can cross my legs with no problems, and fit in restaurant booths with room to spare. I feel soooo much better and happier and it’s all because I have worked hard with my band and want to be the most positive “loser” I can be.  

Happy New Year.         




Nov 19, 2009

Post Date: 11/20/09 7:05 am

I've had this term used twice in conjunction with a medical condition that has been dominate in my life.

The first time, and most important time, was six years ago when the Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical center used it to describe my wife's terminal Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). She's still in Full Remission. 

The second time was this morning when I talked to my doctors' office and it concerned my Type Two Diabetes and my High Blood Pressure.

I've been taking HBP medications for at least 35 years. We knew it was time to come off the HBP meds because I've been getting dizzy when I stand up after sitting for a while (again) and my blood pressure readouts have been lower than they ever have been. 

I've been Type Two Diabetic for almost seven years, taking meds twice a day. When Mary (Dr. K's nurse) told me that my Diabetes was in "FULL REMISSION", tears came to my eyes. She instructed me to stop taking both the Type 2 and HBP meds immediately. She told me that I should be proud of my accomplishments and to just "monitor both" periodically.

Two co-morbidity's declared gone at the same time. Those were two of the biggest reasons I started down this road and had my "Little Band Buddy" installed. There has not been a male member of my father's side of the family live passed 65 years of age, including my father and older brother. I'm 63 and barring getting run over my a Mack truck or some other catastrophe, I plan on breaking that trend.

Newbies, follow your doctors orders, work hard at your program, success WILL follow. Would I do it again? YOU CAN BET YOUR BIPPIE I WOULD. 
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Nov 18, 2009

How's that for being exact. Let me explain.

I went for my 4th fill today and during my discussion with Dr. Keohler, I asked him how he knows how much fluid I have in my band because neither of the two surgeons I've seen for the last three fills have removed the fluid before adding more. I was supposed to have somewhere between 8 1/2 and 9 cc's in my band. Dr. K will be doing all my fills from now on, looked at my chart and it said 8 1/2 cc's according to the surgeon's notes. He told me he always removes the fluid in the band to check the amount in it, then adds what he feels is needed. 

So, when he stuck me he removed a little under 9 1/4 cc's. I wasn't supposed to have any in it during surgery but Dr. K said that when they check it when installing it, there's always a little left in it that they can't get out and it is colored with purple dye. Sure enough, when he pulled out the fluid it was purple in color. He put back at little over 9 1/4 cc's and said he would call it 9 1/4 cc in my 14 cc AP band. I got a little more then what was in there before. Dr. K showed me how the back pressure was pushing the fluid out on its own and didn't want to try to push more in. So, I should be good to go.

Now, the rest of the story.
I’ve only lost 4.4 pounds this last month, that’s 87.5 pounds since I started the program in October of 2008 and 31.0 pounds since having my LapBand installed on July 7th of this year. I would be more concerned about only losing 4.4 pounds this month if it weren’t for the fact that I started a serious weight strength training program this past month and as everybody knows, muscle weighs more than fat. As I lose fat and replace it with muscle my total weight lose is not as great, but I feel so much stronger and better. They were supposed to take my measurements but the exercise lady that does that was out sick today. She is supposed to be back tomorrow (Thursday) so I'm going to go back tomorrow to get them done. I'm curious to see how my strength training has effected them.

Dr. K said that he has used me as an example several times while talking to other patients, without using my name, when they have been turned down for surgery by their insurance companies. He asked if I would consider talking with some of them about how I handled it. I told him to give them my name and phone number and I’d be more than happy to talk to them. I considered it a complement. Oh, the games insurance companies play.

Also I’ve been getting dizzy lately when I stand up quickly after having been seated a while. The last time this happened (8-06-09) he took me off one of my two high blood pressure meds. This time he thinks there is a possibility that I’m ready to come off both my other high blood pressure med and my type two med (RIOMET). My blood sugar levels the last several times I have taken them have been in the low 90’s, that's low for me. He had blood drawn to do an A1C test to see if maybe it’s time to be off ALL my type 2 and blood pressure meds. There are several scenarios, but they all are looking at some reduction or complete removal of some long time medical nemesis meds. Wish me luck.

I use LIVE STRONG.COM’s Daily Plate to track and chart my entire daily food intake. I’ve found their monthly daily detailed print outs and monthly graphs invaluable to tracking my intake. I print out the previous thirty days graphs and reports and take them with me to my doctor's appointment. Today my Dietitian was so impressed with my charts she has asked me to do a “Show and Tell” on how I do it at tomorrow evening’s support group meeting. I also consider this a compliment.

Overall I would say it has been a good day. Yes, I love my little band buddy.

To all the newbie’s, I hope I can be an example of how the band can work. It takes work because it is only a tool, but a very good tool when used in conjunction a good program, self determination and discipline.  

Third Fill and NSV/SVs

Oct 15, 2009

I had my third fill today and now have right at 9cc in my 14cc LapBand AP band. I’ve lost 7.2 pounds since September 10th and told the doctor that I’ve had very little if any restriction to date. Dr Burry (covering for Dr. Haughn) wanted to put 1cc in today and I argued with him for two ccs. He put just about 1.9cc in because he said that there was considerable back pressure when he tried to add the full two ccs. So, I have just short of 9cc in my band. He said that I will feel restriction and we will “tweak it” next month. I hope he is right.  

Overall the doctors and nurses called me an example for how to do it. I’ve lost 7.2 pounds this last month, 28.9 pounds since the band was put in on July 7th of this year and 83.1 pounds total since starting the program on October 13th, 2008. Not bad.  

Since taking my pre-op body measurements on May 28th of this year I have lost a total of 22.75 inches off my body and my BMI is 29.9, below 30 for the first time. I'm getting there, just have to keep telling myself not to expect too much too soon, because it takes time. Patience is a virtue; I guess I’m just not very virtuous.  

I’ve been walking or hiking at least 4 miles a day and haven’t been to the YMCA to walk the track since last spring. When the weather co-operates I walk and hike outside. Well, the weather here turned bad a couple of days ago so I went back to the Y to walk. When I walked in and handed my photo ID card the lady behind the desk she looked at me, looked at the card and then looked at me again and said, “You’ve lost a lot of weight, you have to have a new ID card, I didn’t recognize you. So we took another picture and she made me a new ID card.  

People that I’ve known or worked around for the last 35 years don’t recognize me, especially if I haven’t seen them for a couple of years. I had to tell two people I worked with for thirty plus years yesterday who I was because, neither recognized me.     I’m still a work in progress but I have to admit those kind of NSV/SVs really make me feel good.  

Second Fill Today

Sep 10, 2009

I am nine weeks out from having my 14cc Lap-Band AP band installed and I got my second fill today. I now have 7cc in my 14cc band. The doctor said that I should feel some restriction and that by next month, when I get my third fill; I should be in the “green zone” or “sweet spot”, which ever you choose to call it.  

This past month has been a challenge, being in “Bandster Hell”, but I still managed to lose 4.3 pounds by watching what I ate and not depending on restriction to help. But I also found out that I have lost 19.75 inches off my body measurements since my pre-surgery measurements.  

Since starting down this road last October 13th (2008), I have lost 75.9 pounds, according to my doctor’s official scales. I’m very happy with that and I will loose the rest slowly. Speaking of that, I still haven’t decided on a final weight goal. I do know I want to get to 199.5 pounds just to see what I look like under 200 pounds. I haven’t been less than 200 pounds since being in grade school, maybe seventh grade, so that’s my first goal. Where I go from there will be decided after getting below 200.  

I get comments like “I didn’t recognize you because you’ve lost so much weight”, to people not recognizing me at all. Who ever though 76 pounds would make such a difference. The receptionist and nurse at the weight loss center this morning said I looked like I was now half the person I was when I started. Not really accurate, but nice to hear. It’s been a lot of work but worth every bit of the effort.     Plus I walk or hike three to five miles a day plus doing yard work and housework.

I’ve changed physically but I’ve also changed “between the ears”. I eat so much smarter, no fats, sugar, empty white carbs, ECT ECT.   YES, I LIKE MY BAND BUDDY!!!

First Fill and SV's/NSV's.

Aug 06, 2009

I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks. I attended my 45th high school reunion in West Virginia (one of two this summer), had a lot of out of town company come to visit, celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary July 31st, been helping get ready for our church’s massive give away program being held this weekend and today I had my first fill. Add to that this Sunday our adoptive grand daughter is flying in from Orlando to spend a week with her favorite grand parents. Very busy period of time and this is very good, but very busy. I actually had more time before I retired than I do now, after retiring.  

First, the weekend before last (July 25th) at my high school reunion I got lots of comments on my weight loss. I hadn’t seen most of these people (WOW, some of them didn’t weather well!) in several years and they never have seen a skinnier me. I had lost about 68 pounds the weekend we were up there. Got lots of complements and that felt good; after I assured them I haven’t been sick. I guess when your 63 and lose weight old friends automatically think it’s because you have been sick and have some dreaded old disease. I felt like saying “What the hell am I doing here with all these old people.”  

Now to my fill, the needle stick stung a little but that’s it. No pain. Right now I’ve got 4cc in my 14 cc Lap-Band. I’m on full liquids for today and tomorrow then back to “mushy” foods and then on to full foods as I feel ready. It’s a little ahead of schedule but they say I’m doing so well, to advance as I feel comfortable with more solid food.  

I’ve lost 18 pounds since my surgery July 7th and 72.2 pounds total since starting down this road last October 13th (2008). My doctors at the weight loss center are very happy with my progress as am I. We still haven’t set a goal weight, talked about it but haven’t set a final goal weight. I set mini goals, 5 or 10 pounds by such and such date. Works for me.  

So far, I really like my little band buddy, but even more importantly, my little band buddy seems to like me.

Oh Yea, I forgot to mention, the doctors also took me off one of my blood pressure meds.  


Jul 22, 2009

This whole story started three days ago when I decided that I was tired of jeans, shorts and golf shirts that were way too big and falling off my butt or hanging over my shoulders making it look like I have bat wings. I started this journey off last October wearing 3XL/4XL shirts and 44/46 jeans/shorts.

Last Sunday afternoon I went to Wally World (Wal-Mart) and bought three 2XL golf shirts and a pair of size 38 jeans.
  The jeans fit fine. I didn’t try on the shirts because I knew that 2XL was the logical step downward from my 3XL/4XL shirts.

Monday evening, at the bequest of my dear wife, I tried on my shirts. The first thing out of my dear wife’s mouth was; “They are too big and hang way down over your shoulders, take them back”.

Yesterday, on the way back from Nashville, Tennessee we stopped at a VF Factory Outlet Mall to pick up two or three shirts to wear as I continue down this path. Now, I’ve lost right at 65 pounds since last October and my BMI is now about 33 something so I don’t know where I’m going to settle out, weight wise.  

My wife insisted that I try on some XL golf shirts, so I did and what a surprise, THEY FIT PERFECTLY, ALL TWELEVE THAT I TRIED ON. Yep, bought them all, plus three pair of size 38 dressy Bermuda shorts. Wow, that’s something I can’t remember doing before, trying on way smaller clothes and having them fit perfectly, not looking like I poured myself into them. I don’t know if you could call this an SV or NSV since I lost 54 of the 65 pounds before my Lap-Band went in 15 days ago, but either way – I’LL TAKE IT.       

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