Stand Sideways, Stick Out My Tongue, and Look Like A Zipper!!

Jul 21, 2010

Hello Everybody,

First, I need to apologize to everybody here on OH for being away from the website for such an extended period of time. This is not an excuse, but in reality my new life at my one year post op anniversary has changed so much. More on that later.

My one year bandiversary was July 7th and it went by without my even realizing it. My only posted goal here on OH was at one year out stand sideways, stick my tongue out and look like a zipper. I’ll refer you to the pictures posted below. Myself, I think I made it.

My high water mark as far as my weight goes was something around 325 (I quit weighing at 320 pounds and would not get on a scale!). This morning I weighed 215 pounds, that’s at least 105 pounds lost total.    

My life has changed greatly as people no longer recognize me. I walk as far as I want, ten to twelve miles at a time, and ride my bike up to 25 miles a day. These were all considered pipe dreams before losing all this weight. I no longer have high blood pressure and no longer suffer from type 2 diabetes, no more medications.   

If you are traveling down the road to getting surgical approval from your insurance company, hang in there. It is so worth it. True, it’s not for everybody, but it was for me and so many people I’ve grown to know, love, and respect on this website. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years earlier. GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK…..I let the surgeons take my bariatric out and so can you…. Isn’t that what bariatric surgery is?

The first picture below is one of my FAT pictures, the rest were taken this morning..


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