Check Up And Another Fill Today

Feb 09, 2010

Hi Everybody,

I had a checkup and small fill this morning and I've got to tell you I'm a happy person. I've seemed to have corrected the ship and am back on track, although I may not have been off course as much as I thought.

First off since my last check up December 28th of last year I have lost six pounds. I had put on nine pounds between Thanksgiving and December 28th, but the majority of that was actually muscle mass because I've turned into a gym rat and am stronger than I've been in years. I lift weights on CYBEX weight resistance machines three days a week for about 75 minutes a day, then walk five or six miles immediately afterward. Three other days a week I walk six or seven miles a day, today I walked seven and a third miles non-stop at a 15 minute mile rate. I'm actually considering training to do a half marathon (about 13 miles) later this spring and again this fall. Like I said, I’m stronger than I’ve been in many, many years. Today I was down nine pounds from my December 28th weight of 225 pounds, to 219 pounds.

Here's why I'm not concerned about the weight at this time. I started working out in earnest last November and on November 18th my Body Fat Percentage was 28.3%. Even after gaining nine pounds between Thanksgiving and the end of the year my Body Fat Percentage December 28th was 27.8%, down a half a percentage point. Today (2/09/10) after losing six pounds since 12-28-09 my Body Fat Percentage is 26.3% or down an additional 1.5%. My Body Fat Percentage the first time we checked it at my pre surgery check 5/29/09 was 35.2%. So since then I dropped my BF% a whopping 8.9%. Plus all the other benefits of improved self esteem and getting to replace two complete wardrobes at great expense (really, I loved that part).  

In May of 2008 I weighed somewhere between 315 and 320 pounds, today I weighed 219 pounds, somewhere between 95 and 100 pounds below my lifetime highest weight. 
I talked my doctor into doing an additional half a cc fill today and I think that's either 9.75cc or maybe 10.0cc in my 14cc AP band. I believe I may be feeling some restriction this evening. Feels totally different, everything is going down but going down slower, with a slight hesitation. Time will tell.

I sometimes get a little wormy and impatient with my weight loss. My band went in July 7th of last year (2009), that's only seven months ago and actually you can't count the first month after surgery because you are healing and adjusting to band life. So, it has been actually six months of working with my band. During that period of time I've come soooo faaarrr down the road to being healthy it is almost unbelievable. 



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