Third Fill and NSV/SVs

Oct 15, 2009

I had my third fill today and now have right at 9cc in my 14cc LapBand AP band. I’ve lost 7.2 pounds since September 10th and told the doctor that I’ve had very little if any restriction to date. Dr Burry (covering for Dr. Haughn) wanted to put 1cc in today and I argued with him for two ccs. He put just about 1.9cc in because he said that there was considerable back pressure when he tried to add the full two ccs. So, I have just short of 9cc in my band. He said that I will feel restriction and we will “tweak it” next month. I hope he is right.  

Overall the doctors and nurses called me an example for how to do it. I’ve lost 7.2 pounds this last month, 28.9 pounds since the band was put in on July 7th of this year and 83.1 pounds total since starting the program on October 13th, 2008. Not bad.  

Since taking my pre-op body measurements on May 28th of this year I have lost a total of 22.75 inches off my body and my BMI is 29.9, below 30 for the first time. I'm getting there, just have to keep telling myself not to expect too much too soon, because it takes time. Patience is a virtue; I guess I’m just not very virtuous.  

I’ve been walking or hiking at least 4 miles a day and haven’t been to the YMCA to walk the track since last spring. When the weather co-operates I walk and hike outside. Well, the weather here turned bad a couple of days ago so I went back to the Y to walk. When I walked in and handed my photo ID card the lady behind the desk she looked at me, looked at the card and then looked at me again and said, “You’ve lost a lot of weight, you have to have a new ID card, I didn’t recognize you. So we took another picture and she made me a new ID card.  

People that I’ve known or worked around for the last 35 years don’t recognize me, especially if I haven’t seen them for a couple of years. I had to tell two people I worked with for thirty plus years yesterday who I was because, neither recognized me.     I’m still a work in progress but I have to admit those kind of NSV/SVs really make me feel good.  


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