Nov 18, 2009

How's that for being exact. Let me explain.

I went for my 4th fill today and during my discussion with Dr. Keohler, I asked him how he knows how much fluid I have in my band because neither of the two surgeons I've seen for the last three fills have removed the fluid before adding more. I was supposed to have somewhere between 8 1/2 and 9 cc's in my band. Dr. K will be doing all my fills from now on, looked at my chart and it said 8 1/2 cc's according to the surgeon's notes. He told me he always removes the fluid in the band to check the amount in it, then adds what he feels is needed. 

So, when he stuck me he removed a little under 9 1/4 cc's. I wasn't supposed to have any in it during surgery but Dr. K said that when they check it when installing it, there's always a little left in it that they can't get out and it is colored with purple dye. Sure enough, when he pulled out the fluid it was purple in color. He put back at little over 9 1/4 cc's and said he would call it 9 1/4 cc in my 14 cc AP band. I got a little more then what was in there before. Dr. K showed me how the back pressure was pushing the fluid out on its own and didn't want to try to push more in. So, I should be good to go.

Now, the rest of the story.
I’ve only lost 4.4 pounds this last month, that’s 87.5 pounds since I started the program in October of 2008 and 31.0 pounds since having my LapBand installed on July 7th of this year. I would be more concerned about only losing 4.4 pounds this month if it weren’t for the fact that I started a serious weight strength training program this past month and as everybody knows, muscle weighs more than fat. As I lose fat and replace it with muscle my total weight lose is not as great, but I feel so much stronger and better. They were supposed to take my measurements but the exercise lady that does that was out sick today. She is supposed to be back tomorrow (Thursday) so I'm going to go back tomorrow to get them done. I'm curious to see how my strength training has effected them.

Dr. K said that he has used me as an example several times while talking to other patients, without using my name, when they have been turned down for surgery by their insurance companies. He asked if I would consider talking with some of them about how I handled it. I told him to give them my name and phone number and I’d be more than happy to talk to them. I considered it a complement. Oh, the games insurance companies play.

Also I’ve been getting dizzy lately when I stand up quickly after having been seated a while. The last time this happened (8-06-09) he took me off one of my two high blood pressure meds. This time he thinks there is a possibility that I’m ready to come off both my other high blood pressure med and my type two med (RIOMET). My blood sugar levels the last several times I have taken them have been in the low 90’s, that's low for me. He had blood drawn to do an A1C test to see if maybe it’s time to be off ALL my type 2 and blood pressure meds. There are several scenarios, but they all are looking at some reduction or complete removal of some long time medical nemesis meds. Wish me luck.

I use LIVE STRONG.COM’s Daily Plate to track and chart my entire daily food intake. I’ve found their monthly daily detailed print outs and monthly graphs invaluable to tracking my intake. I print out the previous thirty days graphs and reports and take them with me to my doctor's appointment. Today my Dietitian was so impressed with my charts she has asked me to do a “Show and Tell” on how I do it at tomorrow evening’s support group meeting. I also consider this a compliment.

Overall I would say it has been a good day. Yes, I love my little band buddy.

To all the newbie’s, I hope I can be an example of how the band can work. It takes work because it is only a tool, but a very good tool when used in conjunction a good program, self determination and discipline.  


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