Things are feeling different

Jan 31, 2009

I have been working hard sticking to my goals, trying to eat right, getting some exercise in.  The scales do not move.  One positive thing that I have seen since January 1, is a pair of black jeans I bought right after Christmas are getting too big.   I have wore them maybe 3-4 times   Yesterday I wore them to work, and I was talking to someone and slid my hands in my back pockets and the jeans slid down.  HMMMM.  So later I tried I wondered how far they would side.  Yep right off without being unzipped.  So this morning, I pulled out a pair I had bought Christams 2007 that are a size smaller, same brand,   I wore them once, washed them they shrunk and I put them away.  I have tried them a couple times, but have to struggle to get them buttoned.  TODAY THEY BUTTONED.  I was tickled to death. 

So even though the scale is not moving, I am seeing improvements for the first time in a year.  I feel good today.  Gives me encouragement today when we go out to eat, not to over do it.

Score one for Pam!

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