Tailbone Pain

Feb 17, 2009

Date                  Weight              Comment
2-17-2009            148                 Hurts slightly when sitting in computer chair
                                                       Did not hurt the whole weekend when flying to 
                                                            Atlanta or during the comp.

3/1/2009               142                 Still hurts slightly when sitting in computer 
                                                       Drove 4 hours to and back from Columbus 
                                                       and watched about a hour at the comp. 
                                                       and it was still ok.

3/15/2009            139                 5 Months out.  61 pounds lost.  Pain is the same
                                                       so no need to stop yet.  14 pounds until goal of

4/05/2009             135                 5.5 months out. 65 pounds lost.  Pain is getting worse if I sit back    
                                                        on my tailbone.  When I am on the computer I have to be very careful
                                                         not to slouch.    

5/25/2009              127                7.5 months out  73 pounds lost.   Very little pain unless I sit back on
                                                        my tailbone.  I can feel bones in my butt and back  when I sit on a hard
                                                         surface.  Uncomfortable but no pain.      

6/11/2009              125                Same as above!    YEAH!!!!      

7/27/2009               120                Same as above!   YEAH!!!!!   Being careful has paid off!!!!!!!!!!                         


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