7 Year Surgiversary!!!

Oct 24, 2015

Today is my 7th year Surgiversary!!   I just went to my Profile Page and read some of my old posts. At my 1 yr. date I was down 89 pounds, weighed 114 and wore a 4P  then dropped down to 103 during the next 8 months before foolishly starting Maintenance.  I looked at pictures of myself when I was at the 103 and I really did look sickly. Comments from family and friends scared me into starting Maintenance before my body was done losing. I could kick myself for not making it to a 100 pound loss and getting a Gold Apple on my Signature page!!! 

At 7 years out and 84 pounds lighter I feel great!!!!  I'm 62 now and have a few more wrinkles and more gray hair (thank goodness for color and highlights) but this has been the happiest 7 years of my life!!!   I weigh 5 pounds more than I did 6 years ago and still wear a 4P.  My good range is 118-120.  I have a tendency to go up a couple pounds during the summer months (maybe too many picnics) but as soon as it cools down I drop back down.  This past week I've been in the 117-119 range.   119 is my Happy Weight......

Protein, Low Carb and Posting on the LW's forum is the answer to my success!!  If I have a couple of carby days I can feel an extra bulge around my waist and it's amazing to me how quickly my waist and scales get back into my comfort range when I up my Protein and watch those carbs.

Some write that I am an inspiration for them, but they have that backwards....YOU ARE ALL MY INSPIRATION....the reason that I keep posting....the reason I track my menus.....YOU are the ones that made this ride so easy......THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR ME....and sharing in this life changing experience!!!!!!!!!!! (repeated)


Day of Surgery 203 Pounds!!



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