Mar 16, 2019

I have seen many times people ask if anyone has regrets of doing this surgery. Each time it got me thinking about it. Regrets? Yeah I have some. I regret getting lazy and gaining so much weight. I regret not living fully for my daughter when there were things I wouldnt be able to do. I regret living for so long unhappy, depressed.

Regret having the surgery? NEVER! it gave me back my life. At 47 I am doing more now than I did in my late 20's. i'm doing things I dreamt of doing for years but always thought i would never get the chance. Running again, hiking, canoeing. How can I regret something that has made my life 110% better?

Thats not to say that its always easy or always will be easy. I still struggle with the "lazy" me. Sometimes she wins and I put off going to the gym but most of the time the new me wins and I go. Once I get there I hate to leave lol. And when i set new goals for myself at the gym and meet those goals its the best feeling in the world.

I regret seeing the old me on my drivers license but i love when people cant believe I lost so much weight and I show them my id. The look on their face is priceless lol. So for anyone who wonders if their are regrets. My answer is Yes, but never will I regret having the surgery. It is well worth the time, struggle, and effort.

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