I'm so peeved!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

Jan 21, 2009

Here I go again complaining!  I know there are people on here with MUCH bigger issues than me and yet, I come on here and complain again!!!!!!!!!

It's almost midnight and I'm awake.......again..........because of low blood sugar!  (So, let's see......that makes it: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday night that I've dropped this week!!)  The nut told me to add more complex carbs to my diet, especially my evening snack, so I wouldn't drop at night. So, I did, tonight, and still, I sit here trying to get my sugar up from 44!!   I'm pretty much tired of this crap!  Why is it that my blood sugar is FINE during the day but bottoms out so early at night????   I eat a good supper with lots of protein and good carbs.  I have a decent snack between 8-9.  Get all my fluids and vitamins taken during the day and still............dizzy, sweaty, shaky, yucky low blood sugar!  It's TOTALLY crazy!!!!!!!

Sorry to whine...........I just have to "let it out" somewhere!!!!!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!  Let me go try this sleeping thing again and see if my blood sugar cooperates this time!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!  I'm up to 60 now!!!!!

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