I'm now 43 and have been overweight since at least the age of 16.  I come from a family where we celebrate with food and commiserate with food and love food.  I'm also of the era where we were told to "eat up everything on your plate before you can get pudding" - which isn't necessarily helpful !

Like most of you, I've been on every diet going - most of them successful short-term but not long term.  I've probably lost my entire body weight at least a couple of times over the years !

Anyway - this is my year and I am going to focus on me.  My mum had the same surgery last year and is already 7 stone down.

I'm doing this now, before I have health problems - my blood pressure is fine, my cholesteral is a tiny bit raised and I don't have diabetes (oh and I have gall stones which means my gall bladder needs removal too). 

I live in Dubai - so may not be logged on at the same time as you guys - we are currently GMT + 4 at the moment.