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Dmitri Baranov Bariatric Surgeon MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBS, DABOM

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205 Reviews for Dmitri Baranov
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Dr. Baranov has developed an outstanding program that works! Dr. Baranov and his staff are outstanding! They walk you through every step of the process, answering any questions you have. All my concerns were answered. It’s really a team effort. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. I encourage anyone thinking about surgery to make the first step and reach out to Dr. Baranov’s office. You will not be disappointed!

July 18, 2022


Dr. Dmitri Baranov, and his staff, are very professional. There very understanding and willing to listen to you. I am so glad I picked them to help me on my new Journey.

July 12, 2022


With Dr. Dmitri Baranov, I chose to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (he offers surgical and non-surgical weightloss programs.) From the initial webinar to the surgery, all of the information from his office has been easy to follow, clear, and concise. He listens to your concerns and asks which surgery you'd like to look into. There are required pre-op appointments and lab work to complete, along with any specialists you personally need to see. Each requirement is to make sure you're mentally, emotionally, and physically ready for surgery. Some of these include: psych evaluation, endoscopy, and meeting with the dietician.
Dr. Baranov also prepares you for life after surgery. You must visit the local YMCA for a physical assessment to potentially know where your starting point is and comply with a pre-op diet. Having a doctor who you feel wants you to succeed is very reassuring and really secured my decision to go through with surgery.
When it was the day of surgery, he explained exactly what was going to be done, how you'd feel after, and how to contact him with any questions. Dr. Baranov called after surgery and was also available to speak with in his office.
His attention to detail is impressive. Basically, all of the questions you'd have are answered in your welcome packet. I knew from day 1 that I was in the right hands.

July 10, 2022


At age 69, the thought of having major surgery scared the heck out of me despite a doctor and several family members (who had the sleeve procedure) encouraging me to do so for years. However when I got on the scale one morning and it read 345 I was in shock! That was in October 2021 with the holidays coming I knew I would be celebrating a new year at 350 or more. I went to my doctor for diet advice as nothing I tried previously was working. She recommended Dr. Baranov as his program offered several approaches to weight loss. I made an appointment right away. The online introductory session completely changed my mind about having the sleeve surgery; the doctor covered everything I was nervous about. I made an appointment the next day and met with the doctor in December. The staff made the whole process of booking all the necessary tests and appointments so easy. Every one is pleasant and seem to be genuinely concerned. I had to lose 30 lbs before surgery and the diet given was easy to follow. In mid-May I had the surgery (completely uneventful) and before I left the next morning the doctor stopped by to go over post surgery diet etc. and even brought me internal pictures of 4 stages of the operation. Fascinating! Others don't seem to share my enthusiasm when I ask "Want to see pictures?" Though I did have a few who said yes! So here I am 7 weeks post op and I have lost another 34 lbs for a total of 64 since I started this journey. I am down a size and am having an easier time walking. Another 100 or so to go but I know I have to keep my Patience Pants on and stick with the program. I found my appetite has completely changed so it's not difficult to follow the food plan and eat small portions. A friend asked me if I regretted not doing this earlier when it was recommended years ago. I said no because I wasn't really ready and didn't feel confident in the literature provided by weight centers in Manchester and Boston (I lived in NH at the time). After the online session I knew I had landed in the right place and meeting the doctor and staff in person confirmed that. After care is as thorough as the pre-surgery care. A nurse called to check on me when I got home and Dr Baranov called a few days later to review how I was doing. There is a post-surgery schedule of check up appointments to make sure you're staying on track and getting proper nutrition. All in all, a positive experience that is already proving to be life changing. Thank you to Dr Baranov and staff for your unflagging support.

July 5, 2022


Best decision of my life, changed so much, I feel great. Dr. Baranov and staff at Saratoga Hospital are great.

June 28, 2022


I just passed the two year anniversary of my surgery and could not be happier with my long term results! Aside from a 100+ pound weight loss, I feel 25 years younger! Blood pressure is normal, no more AFIB, and energy level is excellent. I was 67 years old at the time of surgery and wish I had done this 25 years
earlier …..
Thank you Dr. Baranov and staff for your excellent care and support on this journey, I highly recommend this practice!

June 12, 2022


Dr Baranov and his team were incredibly efficient, organized, and motivating. From the initial consultation to surgery day, everything was planned and explained thoroughly, and there were no surprises on surgery day.
After surgery, Dr Baranov and his team provided close monitoring of any post op complications and made sure I was truly ready to go home. Check ins after returning home were very helpful as well.
This has been a very overwhelming experience that has been made easier with the knowledge and support from the team.

June 8, 2022


I was very nervous about having bariatric surgery even though I knew at 385 pounds I had to do something to take back my life. Both my PCP and Cardiologist recommended Dr. Baranov as the best of the best so I went and met with him. He soon put me at comfort and ease by explaining in great detail what was expected of me, what I could expect from him and what the final outcome would be. I decided to move forward with the surgery. Having had it done now I realize that my fear was holding me back from what I considered to be one of the greatest things I have done for myself. Everyone at Dr. Baranov's office was professional, understanding, informative and friendly. Upon arrival at the hospital I was met with a friendly nursing staff who helped me to stay relaxed and comfortable by talking and joking with me. Dr. Baranov came and met with me before surgery to make sure I was comfortable and answer all of my questions, I never felt rushed or pushed, quite the opposite actually. Upon wakening up after the surgery I found myself in a room that I would compare more to a hotel than a hospital room, I was greeted by a friendly nurse who for the next 12 hours took excellent care of me. I knew I wasn't alone because Dr. Baranov was in constant contact with the the nurses multiple times to ensure that my recovery was going smoothly. I could not believe that I was up walking around the hall just a short time after waking from surgery. By the morning when Dr. Baranov came to personally see me he told me I was progressing well and that I was ready to go home. I was able to walk to my car not needing a wheelchair. Now that I am home I feel fantastic!! My energy level has increased so much, I no longer just want to lay around, it has brought such a new vision of what my future can be. That is why I say it is one of the greatest things I have done for myself. I cannot thank Dr. Baranov enough for the personal attention and the new life that he has blessed me with. If this helps anyone at all that is nervous or scared I hope that my testimony will encourage them to meet with Dr. Baranov and get all of the facts.

- A grateful patient

June 6, 2022


I wasn't sure if surgery was for me but after the seminar and talking to Dr. Baranov and his team I was confident this was the right path for me. I struggled at first with the diet change but really I just wasn't quite ready yet. After having a talk with Dr. Baranov things were put into perspective for me and I was ready to move forward with my journey. Surgery came and went so smoothly. You know exactly what to expect and all your after care. I'm so ready to continue this life long journey to be healthy for myself and my family. This would of not been possible without Dr Baranov and his team. If you are considering this path Saratoga Bariatrics is where you should go.


From start to finish Dr. Baranov and all his staff were professional and helpful with everything leading up to the surgery. They made everything very easy to complete all the steps. I have had vertical sleeve surgery and I’m post op 4 days. I am very happy with all the care I have received.

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