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Apr 10, 2009

Well it has been 3+ weeks since my surgery.  I am starting to feel human and eating is becoming a little more easy.  I can eat chicken noodle soup (1/2 cup), eggs, tuna salad, yogurt.  I have found very little I can not tolerate.  I tried oatmeal and that made my stomache growl for the rest of the day.  Broccoli was not good either.  I can drink more now.  I still have to take it slow, and I definately know if I eat or drink too fast.  OUCH! 

For those of you who are pre op and looking at this, this is what has worked for me:

1.  Magic bullet blender--juice, milk, or protein shakes blended with ice went down very smoothly.
2.  Crystal light does not taste the same after surgery.  I can't stand it!
3.  Zofran--really helped control the nausea/quizziness
4.  Diet ginger ale--always helped me with nausea in the past and is working wonders now.  LOVE it!
5.  Eating at a restaurant really helps me when eating.  I don't know if it is the change in scenery or the fact that I am more relaxed.  My husband and I went out to eat pre op and have continued since I feel a little better.  I have had chicken noodle soup at saladworks and Target.  Usually hubby has to finish what I order.

I am not ready to scream I love my DS yet.  I am sure it will happen soon.  The changes to my body are nothing less than a miracle.  I can wrap up in a regular size bath towel without any gaps.  Can you believe it? 

The pain is still present.  And I am still getting used to seeing the awful scar on my stomache.  I am not allowed to go back to work till end of May but that is okay. 

Good luck to everyone.


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