2 month update

May 17, 2009

Yesterday was my 2 month surgery anniversary.  I weighed 211 pounds (started at 256 pounds).  I can wear a size 18 and some XL shirts or dresses. 

This surgery has brought so many changes to my life.  I am starting back to work on Friday 5/22/09.  I was not expecting to be out of work this long.  I am in a relief position, so when I work I make a lot of money, but I do not have sick time or disability, so when I don't work--NO MONEY.  I hope as I start back to work, my energy increases and I can get back to a regular schedule.  Although, being off of work has allowed me to adjust to my new body and how it works. 

I am able to drink like a regular person.  That was the hardest part for me.  I take in very little carbs, but only because I eat protein first and I am so full after that, I have no room for anything else.  Popcorn does NOT work with me.  Worst gas and abdominal pain ever.  I stay far away from white flour because, frankly, it scares me.  Other than that, I am getting to know the DS and all its pros and cons.  But you can't argue with success.  I must say I am enjoying the ride!


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