3 weeks out... 20lbs down

Nov 05, 2010

 I met with the doctor for my 3 week meeting- I have lost 20lbs YEAH!
I can see it in my clothes, I can feel it when I sit at the desk.. sit in the car!
I feel the energy!              YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

I returned to work about 10 days after surgery. Other than being tired in the early evening,
I feel Great! Lunches are so easy now,but I do find it difficult to keep up on my water. Obviously I haven't had to go in to the hospital for dehydration-- but I know it isn't enough!
I go day to day not focusing on my positives. It is terrific to have a wonderful family that supports me. I get to hear my little girl tell me what is the healthy choice of food to eat

Going out to eat is an adventure.... I don't mind ordering one cup of soup, or side of yogurt, or a yam. I never finish what I order, but it is a good feeling to save money! I am learning what types of soft healthy foods I can eat and still join the family with out loose out on the relationship. I look a meals differnlty now, it is not about the food but the fellowship. I have more time to talk to my family and listen to thier stories, rather than focusing on my hunger. Don't get me wrong-- I can get hungry... but it is differnt now, and easy to satisfiy. Head hungry is something else I am trying to get to over. I fix food for my family and I won't be hungry but thier food looks good as I cook. I find myself reaching out for a bite, and realize.. hey I am not hungry, why do I keep grabbing food. Habit... Addiction... whatever you want to call it - I am working thru it.
People that know about the surgery, notice my weightloss and it makes me feel great! But I am not sure if others really notice yet. Gee... that sound so arrogant, but yes.. I want people to notice me!

I went to a support meeting-- although I would call it more informational. It was full of resources for the holidays and ideas to survive the holiday stress. However, no one really mentioned individual questions or concerns. I thought that their would be more time to share or exchange experinences, but then again... I can do it on here! I am learning as I go, teaching my family as I learn, and finding ways to make my life as healthy as possible!


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