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Jan 05, 2011

It's been a little while since I have entered a blog entry so I thought I would give an update.  So far I am down to 230lbs from 385lbs, and I feel really good.  The holidays have come and gone and I managed to stay away from most of the no-no foods and I think I really handled it well.  I still struggle with watching what loved ones around me are eating and how it impacts them.  My new relationship with food has me looking at how others utilize food as well, and it is getting more and more disturbing to me, and I need to just keep my eyes focused on myself, but its hard when you care about other people and want the best for them as well.  I've also felt a lack in support through-out this entire journey, and that dissappoints me, mainly from my wife.  Sure she is very happy with my weight loss, and says I'm doing great, but I don't think she quite realizes that when she makes things like two dozen cookies and puts them in a see-through cookie jar on the kitchen counter it bothers me.  I am in no way trying to control anything that she wants to eat, but blatently putting it in my face seems kind of well...rude lol.  I also dont like knowing the kids each had 4 cookies at snack time, that bothers me.  We are on different wave lengths and that makes me nervous.  I understand that I had the surgery, and that it is not all about ME and that I will have issues and need to deal with it, and that I can't expect the people around me to change just because I have, it's just hard.  Friday is my monthly support group at the hospital for weight-loss patients, and family is encouraged to come and support...she happens to be off from work Friday and could come with me to show her support, but I am 95% sure she is not going to...what do I do with that?  Well I guess this turned out to be a whiney blog to all those who read it lol.  I'll stop my whining now 

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