202 and plugged up again.

Aug 14, 2007

I know why the scale isnt moving, constipation.  Drank some Smooth Move last night and hoping to see results today.  Felt crappy (as usual) yesterday and actually dumped at lunch.  Managed to get out of the house last night for about an hour.  Once I got home my bladder was aching again and I took a pain pill at about 9 pm.  12 days till surgery, yay.  I have to shop and clean before Saturday.  My husband and daughter are bringing my MIL here for a visit.  This will be the first time in 17 years she's visited us so I want the house to be spotless.  I hope I dont kill myself getting the house ready. 

203? and measurements

Aug 12, 2007

I did my own measurements this morning so I dont know how accurate they are.  Usually I have the old man do them. I'm not going to post them because they may not be right.  Overall it seems I lost 11.25 inches Thats pretty awesome from Aug. 2.  Even if I'm alittle off its still good.  I sent my SIL all of my 24's and 22's and I'm making a pile of 20's and 18's.  I wore shorts yesterday for the first time in 5 years and felt really self-conscious.  

My eating has been okay.  I'm learning how to drink and am getting more in now than I used to.  I drink alot of hot tea, which is funny because I hated hot tea before surgery.  My surgery for the stone is in 14 days (yay) and I'm very much looking forward to it.

201 and another crappy crap day.

Aug 11, 2007

Okay, I wont bore you with the crappy details.  Its really just the same shit, different day.  My days revolve around what I eat and pain management.....oh, and boredom.  I tried on a pair of 16's at Old Navy today and they fit.  I also went to Goodwill but just couldnt bring myself to buy anything.  I dont know if its because I didnt want to spend the money or because I didnt see anything I wanted to buy.  I'm 40 and I dont have an adult style.  I gravitate toward t-shirts and jeans.  Not good.  I feel like I should be wearing more sophisticated clothes....with shoes that arent flip-flops.  Grrrrrr.  It wont be easy but I will eventually find my style.

204 and my stomach goes bezerk.

Aug 09, 2007

Yesterday my stomach was bothering me after eating my morning oatmeal.  Not bad just irritated.  I laid down and at lunch time I felt hungry.  Had about 1/2 a cup of chili left over so heated that up.  After about 3 bites I knew something was wrong.  I quit eating and had a swallow of water and it hurt.  Tried to lie down again and my mouth started watering like I was gonna throw up.  I stood over the bathroom sink, salivating, for a good 20 minutes.  A couple of times I really thought it was coming up.  I fought to keep it down and after about 30 minutes I laid back down.  Miserable.  Chili has always been my friend and now I wont be able to eat it for a long time.  Drank clear soup for dinner and was fine the rest of the night.

This morning,, more oatmeal.  I'm limited in what I can eat because I cant have diary and I refuse to drink soy (ew).  I must be doing better or I wouldnt be losing weight.

206 and on my own.

Aug 08, 2007

My husband and daughter left this morning to visit my MIL in Minn.  I've been taking 1/2 of a painkiller every 3-4 hours to manage the double pain in my guts.  I managed to get all my protein in yesterday (wow) and I'll try again today.  I think I may try to walk alittle today, we'll see how the pain goes. 

Wed and 206

Aug 07, 2007

Thought it couldnt get any worse?  Oh please.  Started my period yesterday and between the cramps and the stent I ended up taking a painkiller.  Didnt want to, I tried Tylenol and then a BC powder, they didnt touch it. Oh and I dumped yesterday morning too.  I think I may have drank too soon after eating breakfast, cold sweats and nausea hit me quick.  I'm too tired to write, maybe later.

206 and It just gets worse.

Aug 06, 2007

Had my appt this morning.  Was SUPPOSED to get the evil stent out.  Once the doc looked at my x-ray he said there's no way, the stone is still there. Since my husband is going to Minn. to visit his Mom I cant have the laser operation until he gets back. This means 1) I have to continue to suffer with this miserable stent for almost 3 more weeks. 2) I will miss the first day of school.  I'm pissed. 

My eating hasnt been the best.  I try to eat 3 times a day and most of the time I do ok. I'm not getting all of my water in but its not for lack of trying.  I dumped yesterday (first time) and it wasnt too bad, I mean I expected to be throwing up but I just broke out in a cold sweat and got tired. 

Anyway, I'm expecting another bad night.  I can no longer sleep through the night for some reason.

208 and Feel Better

Aug 04, 2007

I had a bad night last night.  Got a migraine at around 11:30 pm that wouldnt let me sleep.  Took some meds and by 1 am I went to bed.  Tossed and turned all night. This morning, surprisingly, I feel pretty decent though.  Eating my oats and had a vitamin.  Need to drink mega water today so that on Monday they can pull this hateful stent out.  Weighed 208 this morning, I must have peed out all the excess fluids over night.  Going to try and stay awake all day and do some housework.

12:12 am (technically Sunday)

I'm up.  My poor old man was having trouble sleeping so I opted to turn off the telly and close him up in the bedroom alone.  I feel guilty if I lie there too long, watching him toss and turn.....I mean he has to work tomorrow, I dont.  My sleep is all out of whack now anyway so if I stay up till 3 am I'm not going to sweat it.  Honestly this stent rubs inside my bladder (i know, very pleasant) and makes it hard to get comfy.  On top of that my healed incision has decided that it needs to twinge on me all night long now too. I took a BC powder.  It worked on my migraine last night so I figure it should quiet down my aches tonight.  So today I did get up and around, did some housework and tidied up.....hell, I even made spaghetti sauce for the family ( to me it smells like vomit, I cooked it wearing earplugs up my nose...no shit.) My ketosis makes me feel like I'm covered in a film of fat these days......it stinks and I change my sheets daily because of it.  I wouldnt normally but even the old man mentioned that I had an "odd" odor about me.  Well, if you knew me, you'd know that that was all he had to say and my OCD kicked into overdrive.  I loathe stinkiness.  I forbid my kids to stink.  I have a Plug-In in every possible outlet in my house.  Now my sheets will be washed daily until they disintergrate or until I stop smelling odd.  I better pick up more sheets tomorrow, I fear this part could last awhile.

On a lighter note, my husband informed me that he would very much like it if I took up yoga.  I said Why? All it is is stretching and bending over.  By the look in his eyes I could tell thats why he suggested it.  In his defense, we havent had sex in.........when was Easter??? Sad, I know and I feel for him.  I know alot of women can sympathize when I explain that the depression that accompanies weight gain can really kill your libido.  Well the last 40 pounds I gained did just that.  Now I'm down almost 40 pounds.  If it wasnt for this damn kidney stone and stent I think I would be back in the saddle, so to speak.  Anyway, I dont think I'll be doing any yoga, I'm thinking biking is more my style.  Ok, thats enough rambling for tonight.

Friday 4 pm

Aug 03, 2007

I'm back from Lithotripsy.  It wasn't bad at all, I was actually glad to get the IV in me, I was so dehydrated.  Took about 30 minutes.  I'm home and still have the stent in, wont get that out till Monday. Yay. Tired and gained 3 pounds in water but thats cool.

209 and measurements

Aug 02, 2007

Aug. 2

Neck: 15
L Arm: 15
R Arm: 15
Boobs: 44.5
Under boob: 38.5
Waist: 38.5
Butt: 50.25
L Thigh: 28
R Thigh: 28
L Calf: 16.5
R Calf: 17
L Ankle: 10
R Ankle: 10

Wow! 5.25 inches.  Thats good.  Its hard to get too excited because I feel so sick.

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