New Years Day 2010

Jan 01, 2010

Happy New Year!
Welcomed in 2010 with a nice romantic dinner, no booze but a great night. Lost only 1 lb in over a week but I did increase my exercises (was on vacation) so maybe its muscle weight...
Constipation kills me every 3 days not improving. Almost missed the Polar Bear where my Honey, family and friends run into the ocean on New Years Morning every year. It is a good time but more fun with a Miller Lite. so I guess the theme is I do miss drinking for the first time. I seem to only miss it on events that always were accompanied by beer, not in my daily life. Well, regardless, it is worth it to have my better, thinner, healthier ( sexier! ) self.  Also, More Good News, Inches lost has really increased. Lost 7 in my waist, 7 in my bust and 5 in each thigh!! That alone is enough to celebrate. Happy New Year!!


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