5 month surgiversary 4/17/10

Apr 18, 2010

Well, the past month gas flew by. I am at 80 lbs lost. I look better in clothes. I have purchased a casual dress, something i always wanted to wear but never could, in size 14. Some 14 pants are now baggy on me and I do have size 12 denim capris that fit!  So its time for shopping since none of my old clothes now fit, Thank God. There is room in my closet. I am purging the old clothes and giving them away. This is something I never did before since I always yo-yo dieted in the past. 
I am doing pretty good with the exercise and strength training. Most of the past month I was happy with my effort, this week too much scheduled, didn't do as well. I do have bat wings for arms and know that strength training will help but will not really affect that look.  So I am heading Joyfully, Excitedly, Expectantly and Happily to the 6 month mark. I still Give Thanks to God for this surgery which has improved my life.


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