4 month surgiversary

Mar 16, 2010

Well, it has been 4 months since my surgery! I have lost 70 lbs total including the 20 Lost pre-op 11/1-11/17. January was a slow 2 lb month. February things heated up. I hit ONEderland on Feb 21 and since then ( 4 weeks) I have only lost 4 more lbs. BUT, I don't care about the math or how it came off. I HAVE LOST 70 LBS. I FEEL GREAT. I LOOK GREAT. So I continue to be thankful for the 70 lbs, I have lost. I would never have lost 70 lbs in 5 months on Weight Watchers. Of that I am sure. ( I also hot the 10 inch mark, 10 inches lost from my waist, 10 inches lost from my hips...)
I blogged in January that I was starting all of these great things... I didn't. But now,I have installed my own gym on the second floor at work. I have a weight bench, treadmill, gazelle, exercise bands and an ab lounger. I am reading 2 strength training books and have ordered weight training exercise posters to hang in my weight room. But, Best of All. I am actually using this equipment! Yes, I am going up there at lunch time and for an hour after work. its been over 1 week and I feel so much tighter.  I am adding a TV, DVD  and exercise DVDs and videos this week. It is the thing I am most excited about and I find time to post my nutritional and activity logs.
The sun has come out! Spring is kicking Winter out of the way and I feel Good! Thank God for my surgery and great results.


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