Day 1-3 after VSG was done

Jul 14, 2016

Wow...home in my own bed...and VERY satisfied with the 3-days since Monday morning early surgery.  Dr. Oliak and his team were totally successful and the staff at the Placentia-Linda Hosp;ital got me through a difficuly first day, mostly not sleeping for 48 hours.  Physically very very healthy today.

Monday as they always say was he toughest day with frequent nurse visits for checks (blood pressure, blood sugar, deliver medications, sometimes visits from respiratory and patient care people.  Wish they could coordinate into fewer times but I know that is impossible for them.  And the silly IV machines are CONSTANTLY alarming in all rooms and mine too with air-in-the-line and IV running out.  They should notify the nurse and nurse assistant directly if there is a machine problem.  Instead, the patient has to ring up help and often machine beeps incessantly for 10 minutes or more until someone comes.  Suggest also, if I were to do this again, I would ask if I can shut off the alarm knowing that the nurse will be coming.  Needs a better way.  Lots of noise.  I guess I know know when they say "you don;t sleep in the hiospital".  On first night also had a roomate who got checked into 2nd bed in back from 11 PM to 4 AM....hastle.  If you can, grab the bed furthest form the door in a two-patient room or spring for private room as an option.

On Day 2 in hiospital, again no sleep but started on fluids...2 oz. water in one hour, then 4 oz. water but only got down 3.  Then some broth and some sugar free jellp to finish the day's intake.  Lots of walkiung was good.  Funny, BP is good but naturally after a wlak it goes up and I think they overreact and order some BP meds when it gets over a threshold.  I always see it come down after 3 minutes of rest after a walk.  Felt positive that I was on right track so asked Dr. Oliak if I could leave tonight and rest at home.  For other reasons, he preferred me to stay for the 2nd night and then go home.

Day 3 got discharged at 10 AM afdter waking at 6 AM....wow got about 7 hours total sleep from 6 PM Day 2 to 6 AM Day 3.  Difficult to take in a SlimFast 11 oz. and 64 oz of liquids total on this first day out of hospital.  Managed protein 10 oz and about 32 oz fluids total....water, Diet-Snapple, some brith, sugar-free pospsicle was a real treat.  Helen doing FANTASTIC helping me around too.  Lots of leg stretches in chaor and in bed.  Overall good first day at home and only having headache and sore throat I think because of lack of sleep and dryness.

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