Day 12-24 Started soft food stage

Aug 04, 2016

Overall: Wow, thanking God and my support team for giving me a great 3 weeks post-op. Think I’m down 35 lbs so far since surgery. Almost 70 including 4 months pre-op program since I was high risk. And feeling very good….physically and mentally. Drinking easily although achieving the protein goal of 70g is still tight each day. Nibbling on Costco Signature protein bar today to make it. REAL tired of sweet protein shakes.

Medical: Getting ready for a Day 30 appointment with my PCP to review further reductions in the few medications I am still taking. But no sign of diabetes after stopping all meds and insulin on Day 1. Great! And blood pressure is perfect too. Not bad for just 3+weeks.

Nutrition: Started soft foods on Day 21. Good to be eating a scrambled egg, cottage cheese, fat-free Greek Yogurt. Supplementing these with Unjury Protein soups bought on-line. Treats are sugar-free popsicles and Carl’s Jr. (just kidding, I really want NO junk food).

Exercising: Every day calisthenics for 1 hour in bedroom, pool aqua aerobics minimum 90 minutes with music and some walking. Average 2 hours landscaping in yard (I feel like Marlon Brando in the Godfather).

Goal: Stay patient with soft food phase. I feel myself wanting more (appetite more than hunger) and staring at some stuff in kitchen that I should not have for a while, even in small portions. Must exercise control. I can do it!


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