Day 7 - Sunday - Hooray!

Jul 17, 2016

Having no problems or issues.  Looking forward to meeting with Dr. Oliak on Day 9 and checking progress all around.  Drinking easily; no burps or gas or any resistance.  Stricking with 2 20g protein shakes per day on way to 3 or 3.5 as Dr. Oliak mentioned during the liquid diet phase.  Wondering if I will stay on liquid diet for 14 days as planned or less.  Seem to be overachieving which is OK.  Having no problem drinking 64 or more oz. of liquids.  No hunger desire. 

re: intake nutrition: 2 protein shakes, coffee, broth, V8 (adding salt and pepper since tast of low-sodium is lousyt), Diet Snapple or Crystal Light iced tea, sugar free popsicle, sugar free jello

re: medication:  Spotted today that I was NOT taking the metformin 2Xday 1000mg as I thought I was.  Got confused last week when I filled my weekly layout with daily meds.  So I resumed a 1000mg this morning and will take another tonight.  Watch your meds more carefully!

re: stretching: doing 1 hour beforfe getting out of bed each morning with stretches in bed:  leg lifets, twists, yoga moves, neck, situp slightly, feet rotations, a little bicycling.  All to loosen up and stay real loose.

re: muscles: lifting a 10 pound weight with one hand on each side of small barbell while in chair for some upper body arm, chest and shoulder strengthening.  Reading about how important some muscle toning is during the rapid weight loss to avoid muscle deterioration during catabolic state I am in.

re: walking: mostly around the house.  I find my shortness of breath still happening with rollator outdoors but feel real good inside house with stability and standing more straight up.  Planning on increasing more outdoor walking and going slower for longer than 3 minutes and not letting shprtnes of breath rise.  More building endurance even at a slower speed.

Vitals: Rock solid fasting blood sugar at 125, BP 115/76, pulse 63, temp AOK.


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