Day 9 - I hit a wall today...Kaboom!

Jul 20, 2016

Geez...got kinda cocky that things were going so well. And then ...KABOOM...

Had my follow up with Dr. Oliak and amazingly down 17 since VSG last Monday.  All in all, until 9 AM this morning I was riding high.

But late yesterday I had trouble getting to protein shake #3 so only had 40g and I think hydration was low too. 

By mid-day, had a nasty headache, left knee pain, and a return of neuropathy in my feet.  All in all, red flags.

Thinkling that my day trip out to Dr. office, going with my wife to Veggie Grill where she ate small and I only had hibiscus tea, and then outside with the warm SoCal day may have stretched me out.

So here I am, up at midnight, trying to catch up on protein shake and fluids and hoping this reverses what has otherwise been a pleasant ride thru the first week plus.

All suggestions are welcomed and hoping this passes so I can get some sleep.

Ah well, people did tell me there will be good and bad days...so I acan;t complain


(wonder if this ObesitHelp byline will now show my tracking bar?

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