169. . . never thought I'd see you again

Jul 30, 2013

I am beyond happy to finally reach the 160's again. . .I am only 19 pounds away from goal now and after finally breaking my plateau this month and getting the scale moving again I am beyond thrilled!!!!!! 


174 today. . .

Jul 18, 2013

Can I just say, WOOOOOOOOO FRICKIN HOOOOOOOOOO okay, I feel better now kiss . . . AND it's that TOM and I am bloated and my legs are swollen so I am hoping to see even more of a drop  next week. . . . . do I dare hope I can finally, finally, finally, after 8 long months, dare to hope that I will be out of the 170's and see the 160's . . .I see the light. .. it's right there, almost in my grasp, almost!!!


177, yay!

Jul 13, 2013

. . .the scale is finally moving again!  slowly but surely, I will take every pound it goes down kiss  I added back a few protein shakes and my Endo actually wanted me to increase my calories, she thinks I haven't been eating enough so with doing that the past week I am down 2 lbs so we will see how it goes!  I am just happy to see the scale move, I was sooooooo tired of seeing it sit in the same spot or do the 5-lb bounce as I call it.  Hopefully I am finally off of this plateau and can get this last 27 lbs off and get to my goal. . .Lots of motivation going on right now!!!!!


. . .down to 179 :)

Jun 20, 2013

. . .at least I am back moving in the right direction, yay!  Maybe not as fast as I would like, you know, like how I want to wake up 30 pounds thinner?!?!?!? 

I am actually seeing a counselor/Psychologist now which I have never done before for some behavior modification and body dysmorphia issues.  I want to make sure I don't slide back into any bad habits, it's too easy to do and I want to figure out WHY I have done it so many times in the past, is it just habit or is there more to it than that?  Also, if I am wearing a size 11 jean in Juniors, why, when I look in the mirror do I see size 24 me still?  I know that will come with time but I figure a little professional help can't hurt :) 

I also saw a new Dietitian who I really liked and basically she said I am not losing well at this point because I am just not getting in enough protein for what my body needs even to function normally on a daily basis, forget what it needs on the days I exercise.

So, my "homework" between now and when I see her again in August is to focus on getting in a minimum of 80 grams of protein a day, and about 1000 calories the days I don't exercise, 1100-1200 calories the days I just do cardio, and definitely 1200 calories of mostly lean protein on the days I do 2 hrs at the gym, which is an hour of weights and an hr of cardio.  She also said I need to be doing cardio at least 6 days a week, an hour a day at this point to really get the fat moving . . . .blech!!!!  Sooooo not what I wanted to hear lol. . .I know this, but not what I wanted to hear :P. . . its the same thing my trainer and Endocrinologist said, so its not like it was a surprise.  At least the advice that I am getting from the three of them is all consistent at this point, and I am pretty happy now with the 3 of them, so that is a plus.  

My hemoglobin A1c is now in the normal range at 6.3%, WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO, so, we will see what the Endocrinologist says in July when I go back.  Unfortunately the meds that I am on for my arthritis and diabetic neuropathy have increased my blood sugars so I don't know that they will let me off of my meds now even though I am technically in a non-diabetic range. 

I am overdue for seeing my surgeon for my yearly visit, though I did get my yearly labs done and I talked to his office and let him know that I was going to be a month or so late because of all of the other specialist appointments I have going on and they are fine with that.  It actually works out because he is getting copies of all of the reports from these other specialists so he will have a better picture of my overall health when I do go back for my yearly follow up, and his medical assistant said that was a good thing.  So, I see my new Cardiologist next week, go back to the Endocrinologist the week after that and then will schedule with my  surgeon for my yearly visit.  

In the meantime, trying to focus on getting in my 80 gm of protein a day and get some more weight off before I go back to see my surgeon.  My Dietitian and Trainer and even this Psychologist are all optimistic that I can lose enough weight to get my diabetes into remission and get off of all of the meds so that is very encouraging and gave me a big confidence boost!!!!  :)

Happy first day of summer!!! kiss


Down 4 lbs, yay. . .

May 06, 2013

. . . .only 10 more to go to get back to where I was. . .that's at least heading in the right direction!  

Some of the swelling is going down thankfully, my toes are starting to look like toes again and less like sausages, that's always a plus!

I still don't feel so great but 4 lbs is a good start and I will definitely take it  at least there seems to be some improvement with my first few days on the patch.  Keeping my fingers crossed that things keep improving!!!


Wow, can't believe it's been since February. . . .

May 01, 2013

 . . . .but here it is May 1st and I am actually going in the wrong direction :( 

I have gained 14 lbs, yes you read that right, I am up to 187 from 173 thanks to bloating and having had my period consecutively for the last 2 months . . . . sorry if that is TMI but I am going off of the Depo injections because of this and starting the patch this week, which would be time for my next injection and am praying the bleeding,cramping and bloating goes away!!!!!

I am taking extra iron because of all of the bleeding and have been working out with a personal trainer and doing cardio 3-4x a week so seeing a 14 lb gain almost had me in tears.  Though, it wasn't a surprise that I gained because I am so bloated that I am up a whole pant size, it looks like I swallowed a basketball, and my legs and ankles are swollen.  I look like I am 6 months pregnant.  It is terrible. I hate it, and I am sooooooooooo miserable.  I know it is temporary but I still feel gross and yucky and discouraged.  

I'm still tracking my calories and I know in my mind that this is all water weight because I haven't eaten enough calories to have actually gained 14 lbs of weight but it still just makes you feel icky and blahhhhh for lack of a better explanation.  Man I hope switching over to the patch gets things straightened out because I don't know how much longer I can do this :( 

So, that's my blog update for now, hopefully in a few weeks I will have some better news and will be able to report that things are back on track and going in the right direction!!!!


Grumble, grumble. . .

Feb 27, 2013

. . . .It feels like I am NEVER going to get out of the 170's. . . .very frustrating!!!! cool  Back to the bouncing 173-175, geesh!!!!  I'm glad I see the Dietitian in a few weeks, am going to rack her brain for more ideas!!!!

On the positive side, my blood pressure and blood sugars are fantastic!!!! kiss


173 lbs. . .Happy Valentines Day to me!!!!

Feb 13, 2013

Finally, the scale is going down again!!!  I knew those 11/12's were fitting better here lately    FINALLY I have broken past that 175 lb road block I have been hitting!!!!!

Stalls stink, but they happen for a reason, we may not always like it, but it is what it is, and it is a part of this whole weight loss journey that we have to accept and plan for.  It's not nearly as bad when one hits you if you know it is coming and it is normal and you are not the ONLY one it is happening to or has happened to.

Seeing my new family doctor today, hopefully he will put me on Cymbalta for this arthritis pain; my knees, hips and back are killing me daily now!!!!  I am still working out though it is becoming painful so I have had to REALLY slow it down, but I don't want my weight loss to stall out or stop.  I see the Ortho doc on Tuesday about these knee spurs and arthritis too.  I am really not feeling another surgery to fix the spurs, I am praying he has an alternative.  I am thinking the Cymbalta may take care of my arthritis pain, knee spur pain and migraines. . .I figure it's worth a try!!!!

I still need my diabetes meds  I have tried missing a few doses and my sugar jumps back up to the 167-190 range, so I am still not quite there yet.  I had been hoping with the exercise that would maybe be the last push I needed to get off of the meds, but I guess not.  Oh well, I still have 23 lbs or so to go.  I will see what happens at that point.  

So, at this point I am down 114 lbs from my start with Bariatrics in 2006.  That's a huge win in my book!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! 


Still bouncing. . .

Jan 23, 2013

. . .from 175-178 though because of the arthritis flare and knee spur pain I haven't been exercising the last few months.  

However, I am now being noncomplaint and joined  Planet Fitness and have started exercising again  though I will say, I am taking it very easy and only doing cardio (treadmill and stationary bike) that doesn't cause me any pain.  

I have to go see an Orthopedic doc about the knee. . .  and I just can't wait to do that .  

I am looking forward to see the scale start moving down again though I know it will not be as fast as before.  As long as I keep going in the right direction I will be happy.  I can still get to 150 (or lower) by my 1-yr surgiversary  kiss


Bouncity, bouncity, bounce. . . .

Dec 19, 2012

. . . . guess I should get used to this bounce up 1-2 lbs, bounce back down 1-2 lbs, than every 3-4 weeks lose a few pounds and "settle in" at a new weight. This is my new normal for a while according to my doc since I am at the almost 7 month mark.  

I am still losing, just not as easily or fast as I was.  Granted, I only have anywhere from 25-40 lbs left to lose depending on which "goal" weight I settle on.  My initial goal is 150 lbs, that is my surgeon's goal for me. . .so that's only 25 more lbs.  

I am still in an 11/12 in Juniors, and can ALMOST get a size 10 jean buttoned so I am very close to that goal. . .just a few more pounds!  I am wearing a MEDIUM in scrubs, still can't believe that one, and an XL in Juniors shirts.

My wrists look absolutely tiny and you can see my collarbones, not just a shadow!!!!!  I can feel bones I have never felt before all over the place, especially in my shoulders, chest, hips, knees and ribs. . .omg my hip bones feel HUGE lol. . . and it is very strange to be able to feel my rib cage and ribs, especially when I lay down!!!!!

I am also ALMOST in remission for my diabetes.  My hemoglobin a1C was 9.1% last year and was down to around 7.6% before surgery, and I am now down to 6.7%. . .6.5% and below is a "normal", non-diabetic range.  When I get this next 25 lbs off, I am hoping that drops me into remission and I can come off the Metformin. . .fingers are crossed!!!!

Happy Holidays and stay away from the cookies kiss


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