Wow, can't believe it's been since February. . . .

May 01, 2013

 . . . .but here it is May 1st and I am actually going in the wrong direction :( 

I have gained 14 lbs, yes you read that right, I am up to 187 from 173 thanks to bloating and having had my period consecutively for the last 2 months . . . . sorry if that is TMI but I am going off of the Depo injections because of this and starting the patch this week, which would be time for my next injection and am praying the bleeding,cramping and bloating goes away!!!!!

I am taking extra iron because of all of the bleeding and have been working out with a personal trainer and doing cardio 3-4x a week so seeing a 14 lb gain almost had me in tears.  Though, it wasn't a surprise that I gained because I am so bloated that I am up a whole pant size, it looks like I swallowed a basketball, and my legs and ankles are swollen.  I look like I am 6 months pregnant.  It is terrible. I hate it, and I am sooooooooooo miserable.  I know it is temporary but I still feel gross and yucky and discouraged.  

I'm still tracking my calories and I know in my mind that this is all water weight because I haven't eaten enough calories to have actually gained 14 lbs of weight but it still just makes you feel icky and blahhhhh for lack of a better explanation.  Man I hope switching over to the patch gets things straightened out because I don't know how much longer I can do this :( 

So, that's my blog update for now, hopefully in a few weeks I will have some better news and will be able to report that things are back on track and going in the right direction!!!!


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