Patiently Waiting!

Aug 28, 2015

It has been 3 weeks today since my last required appointment before I see the surgeon & hopefully get my date!

The surgeon's office contacted me 2 weeks ago saying they did not have my cardiology clearance. Since my cardiologist had given me  verbal clearance back in June I figured it was just a paperwork thing where it had not been faxed. But then I get a call saying I need to be seen before she will clear me!!! WHAT??? I was not going to argue, but I was pissed when she told me she could not get me in until 9/9! I was hoping to be on my liquid diet by then!

Then I get another call this past Monday from the surgeon's office - they received my clearance! I do not know what is going on, but I am going to keep my appointment for the 9th and find out in person. Meanwhile I see the surgeon 9/4. So I should have a date soon.

I am going back & forth on my meals...(refuse to call it a diet b/c it really isn't...this needs to be lifelong). I have a few good days & then a bad day or two. There have been a lot of cook-outs, etc. and I have allowed myself cupcakes, pizza, and fast food over the summer. I am not proud of it, but it has been in moderation and then I get back on track. I am almost looking forward to winter where I am not out as much. If I have my surgery in late September I should be pretty free of temptations until Christmas. But still, I need to amp up the protein and turn down the carbs. I see such a relationship between eating carbs and cravings.

I have not been weighed in close to a month, but I have lost inches so I believe I am down at least a few more pounds. I have not been swimming everyday the past couple weeks between the weather and being out. I've been good about walking & my weightlifting on days I don't get in the pool. I continue to feel better & am surprised that 60 pounds made such a big difference. Hell, I could almost go to bed and wake up 10 pounds heavier so 60 pounds doesn't seem like a whole lot. I still have a lot of weight to go..

I am going to check back in next week after my surgeon's appointment. Hopefully with good news.



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