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Jan 15, 2010

Okay OH Fam Vets ... I am a little confused about this liquid diet thing!  Today I got up and felt pretty good.  I thought to myself what am I going to eat for Breakfast -- so I had some Jello; then I waited before drinking anything.  And then between breakfast and lunch, I did my liquid thing ... sip, sip, sip, sip ... now how in the devil are you supposed to measure time between sipping juice/water to sipping your lunch which consists of "broth", it is liquid too.  Also, if I drink my broth, am I supposed to eat my pop cycle right behind it, or am I to wait about 30 minutes.  Also, they want me to drink atleast 48 oz's of liquids a day!  48 oz's is alot especially when they say that I am now working with a super small pouch.  IM SO CONFUSED!  I need some Veteran insight!

As for my body, I am still feeling pretty good, my navel feels alot better, soreness still there, but not as bad as yesterday or the day before.  My dang arm is still sore as hell from the flu and pnumonia shot that they gave me while in the hospital, I wonder how many days does a shot spot hurt!  I have been moving around alot -- my daughters Sweet 16 is next weekend, and I do not have too much time left.  My surgery kind of pushed its way into my time for the final preparations for her party, but I was not pushing my surgery off.  So each day I will do little by little.  Most of my outside running is just about over.

Is anyone that lives in the Atlanta Area going to the Wellness Seminar tomorrow that Dr. Duncan is conducting?  Below is the information from the invite.  I would love to meet some of you.

Talk to you later, Donna

Invitation Information:
Dear Patient

Please join us at 1:00 our "NEW Bariatric Surgery Seminar."  Highland Athletic Club, 261 Parkway N.E., Atlanta, GA 30312.  This seminar is not only informative, but entertaining as well.  If you are a past bariatric patient, bring a friend, a relative or a loved one.  You won't want to miss this and you won't be disappointed.

There are new things we can do for you.  Dr. Duncan now does cosmetic surgery to remove that excess skin, give you a tummy tuck and lift your breasts back to where they once were.  If you've regained weight or not gotten down to the weight you desire, we have new procedures we can do that don't require additional surgery!

We'll be so excited to see you again.  Bring someone interested in hearing about gastric bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy or the lap band surgery.  If the person you bring signs up to have surgery, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your cosmetic surgery.  Or just come by to get a free facial at our new Buckhead ambulatory surgery center. 

We will also discuss NEW techniques for those of you who have regained a little weight or who have not quite reached your goal weight.  There are procedures we can do to get back on track!  So come and join us and learn about what's so new. Next seminar date is 1/16/2010...Happy New Year from Peachtree Surgical and Bariatrics!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to seeing you,  Staff at Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics


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