1/23/09 - 1/25/09 186.4

Jan 25, 2009

I haven’t been home much so food charts and exercise are chaotic the last few days.  No surprise that I’m up a pound.  I hope to get more sleep tonight and get back on the beam tomorrow.

1/23/09 186.6

I had my 6 month checkup with Dr. J today.  It went great.  He's happy with the results and thinks I'll be one of his successes.  I love that.  It gives me confidence to keep on truckin' down the road. :-)  He didn't lift my calorie restriction though! LOL

I did a little shopping afterwards and bought myself at pink hat  and pink jacket at a seconds store in Santa Rosa.  I haven’t worn pink in a while.  It really appealed to me.  I’m loving my hat!  I feel so special in it I smile all the time. lol

1/24/09  186.8

We had a Coast Guard Fotilla meeting in Fort Bragg and went grocery shopping afterwards then had dinner with friends.

OH Challenger Daily Topic:
Do you find yourself comparing your body to others, and do you find that you still think you look much bigger than you really are?
My response:
I don't compare myself to others when I walk in a room.  I'm not sure I did before I lost.  I crossed some invisible boundary into feeling thinner.  I bought a hat Friday after my 6 month checkup and I've been strutting it around.  I went to my coast guard flotilla meeting yesterday and one of the guys hadn't seen me for 4 months.  He didn't recognize me until I started talking about the job that I do.  He said, Jan, I didn't know who you were! That's good enough for me. I wore my hat to dinner last night and another couple said I looked fabulous.  I feel fabulous and I'm happy about it.  Maybe that shows. 

I asked DH for his input on this.  He said, you never acted like being fat stopped you from doing things.  You were 300 lbs when we started taking dance lessons and it was your idea.   There were a lot of people in there to look at you.

I never thought of it that way.  I was more concerned whether I was getting the dance steps right.  Maybe those 2 years of counseling after my divorce helped in more ways than I thought...  I'm counting my blessings.

1/25/09 186.4

Another OH Challenger question today:
Ok i have a question. I dont buy low carb versions of ketchup or bbq
sauce or anything like that, no low carb bread either. Should I be
using this stuff? i was at the store looking for that carb bisquick
stuff and of course i dont live near any stores that go beyond your
basics.... I have a hard time finding corn tortillas here for crying
out loud! So does this stuff actually make a difference in your diet?

My Response:
For me the answer is yes.  My weight stalls out if my carb count is too high (more than 20-30g if I'm exercising 30 min a day, 50g if I'm exercising 90 minutes a day, 30 min on the rebounder and 60 min on the exercycle).  My doctor recommends 40g per day if you're not exercising much.

Have you tracked your carbs VS weight loss?  I'm anal about spreadsheets and watch everything.  I noticed when my carbs went up, my weight loss went down so I monitor them closely.  

I tried the CarbQuik Cheddar Cheese Muffins today.  Not Red Lobster, but not bad.  Make sure to use salted butter.  All I had was unsalted and they tasted a little sweet.  I made half a recipe and got 6 muffins to the Nutritional information per muffin is as follows:
Protein    Calories    Fat    Sat Fat    Carb    Fiber  Net Carb
4.08        104.33    9.08      4.33      8.33      7     1.3

For bread I stick with Alvarado Street Sprouted Sourdough (Safeway, 2 hours away lol).  It's lower in carbs and higher in protein and works better for me.

I hope others chime in.  I'm not sure if I'm an anomaly or not.