What a difference a day can make.

Jan 16, 2019

Yesterday was a big day, I got my staples out & did my post op blood work which looked really good, (just got the call) am off all post op meds. It feels nice to not be on a shoebox full of prescriptions and I am hopeful that will continue as my recovery. Plus I feel like I can move, not worried about catching them on clothing. Yesterday I swept a room, today I started a load of laundry, hmm tomorrow...

Today, I am craving flavor. I can move to the next phase of post op diet, full liquids. When I first heard you can have soups, they just have to be blended I thought "hmm, putting normal soup into the blender, yum." Now I am thinking of some of my favorite soups and even if they will be missing multiple textures, the idea of the layers of FLAVOR just makes me smile. Broth, was great during pre op. I actually enjoyed the warm cups of liquid, beef or chicken, seemed great. Now I am excited about garlic, onion, carrot, and beef or chicken.

When I first thought about WLS it seemed to be about depravation, now maybe it is about rediscovering flavor!

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